Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celebrate Good Times, Come On! - 10/25

Each Saturday  Ruth Ayres invites us to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week. Looking for celebrations has certainly improved my outlook on my week.  For that, I am certainly grateful to Ruth and to all of you who choose to celebrate with me.

Today I celebrate a list of fall break celebrations!

shopping with my sister and daughter
new fall clothes
sleeping in
staying up late
reading books
blueberry muffins
flannel sheets
electric blankets
clean bathroom
laundry done before Sunday night
sunny days
falling leaves
apple cider
apple donuts

I have enjoyed my three school days off last week.  It was a time of relaxation and celebration.

I also celebrate this day in 1986 - my first date with my husband!  We went to dinner and then watched the World Series 28 years ago!

Have a great week and may you have many celebrations along the way.


  1. Your poem is so cozy and happy! Congrats on the anniversary of your first date with your husband. :-) Will you be watching any baseball to celebrate?

  2. Fall break?!?! So cool!! We don't have one. Happy First Date Anniversary!! Life goes by quickly...I'm glad you're celebrating this milestone!! See you on the blogs next week!

  3. A cozy list. Happy celebration of your first date!

  4. All of those things on your list give me comfort and make me smile. Fall seems to give us time to get ready and your school's fall break (what a great concept!) supports it!
    Happy first date anniversary... so nice after 28 years you remember that important milestone.

  5. Sounds good to me, Leigh Anne, especially those flannel sheets! I keep thinking that it's time, but our days have been very warm, so maybe by November. Great you had a fall break!

  6. This post is small but mighty - so many happy associations! Love it.

  7. Leigh Anne, your list poem is filled with wonderful celebrations that signify that you are finding fall - interested in writing for the Finding Fall Gallery at I hope so.

  8. Perfect celebrations. Small things that lead to big meaning. And I think that sounds like a great first date! :)