Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grace from the God of Again

Every Thursday Holly Mueller from Reading, Teaching, Learning, creates a place where readers can share their spiritual journeys.  We are a small group, but the learning and sharing always inspires me.

When I decided to participate in this weekly post,  I was very hesitant because I felt I would be exposing a vulnerability, a weakness.  When I think of the word journey, I think of something continuous, and my spiritual journey has been anything but continuous.  My journey has been full of pit stops along the way.  Many stops and yes, I have even been in the pits.

When I read the topic for this week, I was worried once again.  What can I possibly write about grace!  Searching for some type of inspiration, I came across some things written by Beth Moore.  The first post was titled The God of Again.

This post made me think about my journey and all of my stops and starts.  That is when I realized that because God is a God of Again, He not only allows me to keep coming back to Him, but he keeps coming back to me...again and again.  His grace reaches out to me in those pits, pulls me out, and leads me back onto the path where I need to be...back on my journey.

This journey has not been easy for me, and I know I have veered far off the path.  My path may be different and it may have many restarts, but it is mine. Looking back at where I have been is just as important as to where I am going. I know that it is grace from the God of Again that continues to lead me and will keep me company along the way.

Thank you friends for letting me come along with you on Spiritual Journey Thursday.  You have helped me grow in ways you will never know.  Your words touch my heart and encourage my spirit.

I leave you with another post from Beth Moore.  It is a list of many metaphors of grace.


  1. Leigh Anne, most of our journeys have stops, detours, and distractions. It is with faith and hope that we continue to walk the path each day finding the grace to lead to us on.

  2. I'm so glad you have joined us on this journey. I had one of those stops. I thought I would not get a post done. But God had other plans. I had to speak the words into my phone and then email them to myself so I wouldn't lose the thought. The day happened, full as usual. It's up now, and I am glad I made the effort. In creating these spiritual posts, I am pushed to really pay attention, to see new things.

  3. Grateful for the path and journey . . . it's not what we deserve, but we are loved anyway. The beautiful part is that we are never alone -- even when we stumble. I'm glad you joined us --

  4. Leigh Anne, I'm so glad you decided to post even though you felt vulnerable. I would venture to say we're all stopping and starting on this journey, so you're certainly not alone. I love the title God of Again - it's amazing he lets us start over again and again, isn't it?! Great list of metaphors, and a perfect Holley Gerth quote! We are definitely all glorious messes!

  5. "Glorious messes" is a lovely description and the image complements the text very well.

  6. I have already marked Beth Moore's post to read again! I needed a reminder that God is God of Again! Thank you for bringing grace into my life today!