Saturday, February 28, 2015

Celebrate Turn #5

I am ever so grateful to Ruth Ayres for inviting us to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

This week I celebrate through the creation of list.  Too many wonderful celebrations and not enough time to write about all of them.

I celebrate:
  1. My daughter finishing up her first student teaching assignment - almost done!
  2. Watching a high school basketball in our old gym with a 1 million dollar make-over.
  3. Finishing our "practice" tests and being ready for the "real" one.
  4. Having our standardized testing decreased by 3 hours.
  5. Receiving four out of my 16 books won in a contest.
  6. Receiving a hug from a former student who guards her heart.
  7. Seeing students at a basketball game and having them tell me how another teacher stole my Blake Shelton signature move.
  8. Getting ready for my first slice in the Slice of Life March Challenge.
  9. Watching my son play Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird with his band for the last time at a high school basketball game.  Watch the video below. (My son is the one on the left in the hat.)
  10. Laughing with teachers and having the best job in the world.

Have great week and may you find many celebrations!


  1. I'm smiling now! Excited for slicing. See you there!

  2. Love seeing your son, Leigh Anne, & so happy you won that huge prize. Your students must be so excited too! See you slicing...

  3. What a week filled with celebration!