Saturday, May 30, 2015

Celebrate Turn #16

I am so grateful to Ruth Ayres for inviting us to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

This week I celebrate accomplishments!

Last weekend I celebrated my second graduation in three weeks.  

My daughter graduated the first of May from our local university, and my son graduated from high school last week.  It is hard to believe we have reached this turn in our lives.  

Looking ahead, Megan was hired as the freshman basketball coach and had her first interview last Thursday.  Ethan signs up for classes from our local university in just a few weeks. I am proud of what they have accomplished as young adults, and look forward to what lies ahead.

This week I am also teaching a reading camp for struggling readers.  After teaching 6th graders this year, it has been fun spending time with 2nd graders again. Our accomplishment for the first four days - they all correctly spelled the word "very" in their writing - this has been a struggle.

Summer has arrived and there are so many things I want to accomplish - books to read, conferences to attend, words to write, units to plan, weight to lose.  

So summer, just go slow please, because I have much to do!

Have a great week and may you have many celebrations along the way!


  1. Congratulations to both of your kids! I absolutely hear you about wanting summer to go slowly. It always seems to be here and gone in the blink of an eye. I hope you are able to have time to relax and enjoy your time off. I am still in school for another two weeks, but I am looking forward to summer!

  2. Congratulations to the graduate!!! High school and college?!?! Wow!!! Busy times!!! Enjoy your summer days! I echo your wish that they pass slowly!!! Take time for yourself.

  3. Going slow, the perfect wish, Leigh Anne! Congratulations to both your graduates. What a special time for them and for you. Glad you're enjoying those 2nd graders!

  4. Big congratulations for your household and theses important milestones. Much to be proud of!

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    1. Leigh Anne - a very big congratulations to two children who are ready to live the nest. I love the line, "So summer, just go slow please, because I have much to do!" Let's celebrate life and all it offers your family.

      Can I please ask you to compose a #digilit poem for Spring's Symphony without adding to your plate:

  6. Wow - two graduating children - whew! Congratulations and how exciting their futures are already beginning! I, too, would LOVE for summer to go slow, but that never happens, does it?!

  7. I love your instructions to summer to go slow. Of course, you know it won't. Especially since you have so much to do. Congrats on the graduations. I love having adult children. Just saying.

  8. I am also wishing for a slow summer as my goals are exactly the same as yours! :) Congratulations to both of your children for their fine accomplishments. Such great celebrations! (BTW -- Are you going to AllWrite15? I am! Would love to meet you if you are.)


  9. Congratulations Leigh Anne! Your kids are just beautiful. I'm just getting used to adult kids. It's good stuff. I'm not to summer YET. Our last day with kids is Thursday but you have me thinking on all of those goals I want to make!

  10. Congratulations Leigh Anne. What beautiful children you have. Hope you get time to enjoy your and their accomplishments this summer.

  11. Wow! Big changes in your family. We still have a few weeks before our summer begins but I am ready to a different pace.

  12. Loved that photograph - two fine young people, and you must be bursting with pride, Leigh Anne.