Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Childhood Scars - A Zip Ode

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Although poetry month is officially over, I still want to remain in the poetry playground.  I am teaching a poetry session this summer during an academic camp we have for our high ability students.  I still need to write poems to use as mentor texts.  Tara and Michelle both had zip odes on their blogs, and I knew this was one I wanted to try.  

A zip ode is a five line poem and each line is a number in the zip code.  My zip code is 47591.  Here is my attempt.

Head under her pillow
A stream of tears saturates her dreams.
Knowing her childhood is scarred,
She prays their loud voices will stop, and wonders


  1. This is a great way for kids to try out poetry, too. How clever! I'll have to try one of my own. Loved your zip ode - very powerful.

  2. "...remain in the poetry playground..." LOVE that!! Aren't zip odes fun?!?! Love yours. One of my students came up to me today and said I wrote an "Area Ode". He used the area code! I LOVE POETRY!!!!

  3. Oh, that's beautiful...and sad.

  4. I always look forward to your posts! Your poetry inspired me to embrace my inner poet and to try writing more poetry. Thank you:)