Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yes, He Did!

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Pomp and Circumstance begins,

and the audience stands as the graduates enter the auditorium.

I swallow the lump in my throat 

and squeeze away the tears I am sure will come

as I watch for him to walk in.

Just two hours ago 

he left the house with his friends

dressed in his graduation attire:

khaki pants, blue oxford shirt, Beatles tie, dress shoes and green gown.

There he is - marching in with his white gowned counterpart.

but wait...

that can't be him.


he didn't.


he didn't...

Yes, he did!

This picture was taken at our house after graduation.
Read here for the original story about Ethan's shoes.

Needless to say, 

the tears never came!

Maybe he knew just how to

keep his momma from crying.


  1. His personality had a way of shining through. Congratulations to you, proud mom, and to your son!

  2. Love those shoes and your reflection! My last one is going to be a senior in high school this year. I'm already joking up....

  3. He still has his own style. Good for him! And what a perfect way to keep mom from being a blubbering hot mess. Congrats to your son!

  4. Sounds like he is telling the world that he is his own person. Good for him. Wishing him well as he enters the next exciting phase of his life.

  5. I remember your old post, and still, went back to read it again, and nod again. We all do need to be who we are. You're such a great mom, Leigh Anne!

  6. Love everything about this post!!! Glad you didn't cry, but I did. Congrats!

  7. You are one proud momma! Love that photograph, Leigh Anne - something so touching about it.

  8. ha ha ha ha - what a great story! I love that he waited and put them on after you left the house. He knew you weren't going to stand for that. I read the original shoe story, too, and I just have to say I admire this kid. He knows who he is - and that is very admirable in a young man!

  9. Oh my goodness! How perfect!

  10. Love this post and the story that preceded it. What a gift that you can provide the backstory thanks to your blog. Happy graduation! It's such a fun time.

  11. This killed me!!! So hilarious!!! I think one of the best things is that he went to his dad after you said no to get the shoes. Typical. As a teacher of high schoolers, I love seeing what the kids wear to graduation. It really reflects the kid. This year there were kids w pants tucked into their boots, high (and I mean HIGH) heels, flip flops, yes, even some Chucks! It makes me laugh because they all fit the kids' personalities so perfectly. How wonderful that he already knows how to be true to himself!