Friday, December 11, 2015

A Christmas Story - Christmas Haiku #11

Last night I went to my former school and helped at their Family Christmas Night.  I snapped this picture of the daughter and husband of a former colleague.  It reminded me of reading Christmas stories to my own children.  

My children were always surrounded by books.  Reading to them was not only a pleasure, it was also a responsibility I took seriously.  But the Christmas books were only brought out at Christmas time.  I wanted those to remain special.  Because they were so well-loved and could only be read for a small number of days, I read the books to my kids again and again...a wonderful memory.

Snuggling up close
to hear a Christmas story 
again...and again

©Leigh Anne Eck, 2015


  1. Leigh Anne, I always love seeing a parent reading to a child. It is the "snuggling up close" that is so endearing.

  2. Such a sweet time! And I totally agree with you about the Christmas books.

  3. Those are my favorite memories, too. I can still hear my dad's voice (gone these 20+ years) reading The Night Before Christmas. That memory wouldn't be there if it hadn't happened every year for 18+ years!

  4. I brought a stack of holiday books up from our box in the basement last week, in hopes that our three boys have not yet completely grown out of the age of the stories (or, as your haiku suggests) remembering the closeness of reading the stories.