Monday, December 21, 2015

Summer Wishes - Christmas Haiku #21

My December haiku writing challenge took a short detour due to chaos:  end of the semester, Christmas, and life.  But break has officially started today, and I am back writing again.

Last week as I was shelving books in my classroom library, I noticed the syllable count of many titles.  So many titles had five syllables which was perfect for a book spine haiku.  I have played around with book spine poetry, and it is not an easy poem to "write."  So what made me think book spine haiku would be any easier?  I began pulling titles and rearranging.  It actually became quite fun!

This one is my favorite because I think the only good thing about the months of December, January, and February is Christmas.

takeoffs and landings
the last best days of summer
where I'd like to be


  1. What Steve said on Twitter -- FUN! And the syllable count even works!!

  2. Oh come on now. There has to be something more than Christmas. Valentine's Day is nice and it means we are usually over the coldest days. Smile, today starts one more minute of light everyday. You are that much closer to summer.