Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Intent - OLW 2016

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for creating this space for me to share my corner of the world.

The year will soon come to a close, and I am sure many slicers today are reflecting on their one little word for 2016.  My OLW was all forms of intent - intention, intentional, intentionally.  

My goal this year was to be intentional about looking at the snippets of my life to focus on what was important.  

My purpose was to focus on my personal life, to take the time to breathe, to love, to laugh.  But I realized that I am made up of many people.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister.

But I am also a teacher, a reader, a writer, a Christian and I needed my OLW to encompass all parts of me - not just my personal life.

I cannot separate all the people who make up my life, and that is what I tried to do with intent.  

As I say goodbye to 2016 and all of its intentions, I look toward finding a new word which will guide all of me for 2017.


  1. I love reading and sharing OLWs. I'm anxious to see what OLW finds you in 2017. Happy New Year to you, Leigh Anne.

  2. I love how you recognized that your OLW needed "to encompass all parts of me-not just my personal life." That is such a powerful statement and reminder as we consider our OLWs for the new year!

  3. "All parts"...isn't that the hardest part to sort out sometimes? I am looking forward to reading about your 2017 word.

  4. The sum of the parts. You are right, we can't separate the roles completely, they will always be connected and influencing each other. I am curious to learn about the OLWs, how they came to be and how they guide the people.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem. You remind me that one of things I strive for is reserving some of my energy for when I get home, to have some juice left for my husband, my children and me. Worrying and strategizing how best to help 66 young beings in their next steps certainly takes (and gives) a lot.