Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Writing Life

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for creating a place to share our Slice of Life.  Read more slices or add you own here.

Last week I was reading a slice at Carol's Corner and saw where she was joining Mary Lee Hahn at Poetrepository to write a haiku every day in December.  Haiku is my favorite poetry form to write and I loved the book Santa Clauses by Bob Raczka, so I thought why not?  

So far I have published every day.  Many of the poems revolve around Christmas memories in my house with my children.  I look at the tree and many ornaments bring back such special times I have shared with my family.  Since my children are now 19 and 23, this challenge has been serendipitous for me.

Then last Friday Mary Lee wrote on her Poetry Friday post about this December challenge.  Her words gave me much to think about.  She told about how she challenged herself last year, but she wrote alone.  This year is much different, as others have joined her.

She wrote, "I am learning (again) that while the writing habit opens my eyes to the world, encourages me to notice, and instills discipline, it is the community and the conversation that make it a writing LIFE."

When I think about how my writing life has changed in the past several years, I know it is because of the communities in which I belong and participate.  You, my dear slicers and writing/blogging friends, are what keep me writing and have influenced what I can now call, my writing LIFE.

So, being the reflective teacher that I am, I ask myself:  How could participating in writing communities affect my students' writing lives?  How can I create safe, risk-free writing communities which extend beyond the regular classroom for them?

This is now something I will think about over the Christmas break and be ready to implement in January.  Feel free to suggest any ideas in the comments section.  

Also, please check out my Christmas Haiku along with Carol's and Mary Lee's this month!  And feel free to join in.  It's never too late to start.


  1. It's surprised me to see how our little poetry community has grown! Fun to see all the interplay back and forth. All of my poems so far have been Christmas memories. Not sure where I will go with it.

  2. It is the community that keeps me writing. For a long time I was just a reader but that's changed because of Slice of Life.

  3. This is a really thoughtful post. It's true that you can't have a writing life without a community. I'm eager to see how this translates to your classroom.

  4. I LOVE your writing life!!! I had every intention of joining in on this challenge and then life got in the way. I'm enjoying reading them!! Thank you for your inspiration!!

  5. It's great that you've taken this challenge, Leigh Anne. I don't know if your class blogs, but that sometimes makes a community strong. How about a Padlet just for poems? Anyway you choose, I bet it'll be wonderful for the class.

  6. It's so true about how the writing friends we make via blogging and slicing really redefine our writing lives. I love to write with my writing best friends at work, it's the best when it's in the company of our peers!

    Totally want to check out that book you shared, and your poetry challenge! :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. So many challenges, so little time...good for you that you've taken the plunge!

  8. I completely agree! I have written a book, but it is this community that makes me feel like a writer. I love knowing I will be writing and reading slices every Tuesday -- it does make it a life. I love your question about the classroom -- can't wait to hear your thoughts and how you bring this to life with your students. Thank you for your reflection!

  9. I love being in your communities -- writing AND geographical! LOL Keep up the writing and conversations. So much fun, isn't it? Jennifer Sniadecki