Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A Buzz Around Town #SOL21


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There was a buzz around town. We haven't had a buzz like this (excluding anything pandemic-related!) since Walmart got new carts. Everyone was talking about it. 

Megan and I left school, went home and changed clothes, and headed for the riverwalk. On the way, she told me about the line earlier in the day. But people didn't mind because you know, the buzz.

Arriving at the riverwalk, we walked the block or two and lined up. The line wasn't long yet. We looked out over the river and talked about how swift the current was. We stood and talked to the college kids in front of us. We waved and said hello to students who were walking to the end of the line. 

We texted people we knew who were in line ahead. "How long have you been waiting?" 

"Right now the wait is about an hour."

"You ordered early!?!"

The buzz continued. We continued to wait. And yes, we stood in line for over an hour for you know, the buzz.

What was the buzz? Chick-fil-A brought their mobile unit to our hometown. They are doing market research to see where and if they should open a new restaurant here.

And that was the buzz around town!


  1. Yum! I hope there was enough buzz to bring it to your town. We are excited in our town that Costco is coming.

  2. Oh the excitement! You built up to it nicely. Toward the end, I had decided it was a book store. Lol!

  3. Ha! Love it! The anticipation in how you wrote your post was so fun. New restaurant buzz is so exciting! We had it around here when Chicken Salad Chick showed up!