Monday, March 8, 2021

Old Married Couple #SOL21


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Last week I thought I was reaching a new marital status. We aren't even empty nesters yet, but I thought we were going to rise up to "old married couple"

I woke up, went in to the kitchen to eat breakfast, and said good morning to my husband who had been up hours before me.

"I may have to sleep upstairs tonight," he said.


"You snored all night, and I barely got any sleep. It's been bad the past couple of nights."

I knew it had because I felt the poke of the elbow in the rib cage. One time it was almost a push to turn me over.

I am pretty sure this snoring is due to the pandemic weight I have put on, but I was hoping it was something else. 

The next night I got up in the middle of the night and slept on the couch because of the guilt. But I am a sleep-in-my-own-bed kind of sleeper. I was exhausted, he exhausted, and we knew something had to be done.

That night I went and bought nose strips and used them for a couple of days. I don't know if they really work, but I can now shout...

We are NOT an old married couple...yet!


  1. Haha I am a newly engaged couple and we have the same conversations, thankfully love prevails!

  2. Oh, boy. This is totally us, Leigh Anne. One of us is always poking the other one to roll over. Once one of us is flat on our back, it's all over! :-)

  3. This is something I completely connected to. My husband will sometimes sneak into the guest room when I snore badly. He tries to sneak back in the morning so I don't feel bad. But always wakes me.

  4. Leigh Anne, I hope the strips help. I hope you both get some sleep, too.

  5. Leigh Anne, this made me giggle. I love that you are almost that old married couple - a great thing to strive for!

  6. This has happened to me on too many occasions. We both wake up cranky. Usually he can't sleep due to stress so he is over sensitive to my snoring. I understand the guilt. My parents stopped sleeping in the same bed and I remember my mother was embarrassed to tell us, but now there is no shame. They live in a two bedroom retirement apartment, happily sleeping apart. (Margaret Simon)