Wednesday, March 17, 2021

One Lucky Teacher #SOL21


Join Two Writing Teachers and other teacher-writers as we share a slice of life every single day in the month of March. 

When I began this challenge, I made a promise to myself that I would not write a post about the pandemic or anything related to COVID. Last year's challenge seemed to be consumed with pandemic life, and it was not stealing any of this year's slices. 

I know it has not been an easy year for many teachers, the stress level has reached an all-time high, and teachers are not getting the respect they deserve. I am sorry if you have experienced any (or all) of these, and I do not mean for this post to take those experiences lightly. 

But for me, things have gone extremely well this school year. Reflecting on this Saint Patrick's Day, I realize how lucky I am as a teacher, so today I share 17 reasons why--even if I am breaking my no-writing-about-the-pandemic promise.

  1. I am lucky to have an administration that was ready with a re-entry plan by mid-summer.
  2. I am lucky they had teacher input during the entire process.
  3. I am lucky to have a principal who knew we didn't expect him to have all the answers because we simply did not know all the questions.
  4. I am lucky to have walked into my classroom on August 4th and to teach my 90 students face-to-face.
  5. I am lucky we prayed to stay in school for at least two weeks and here we are 140 school days later.
  6. I am lucky to have a custodial staff who works diligently to make sure our school is sanitized and safe.
  7. I am lucky to have students who do everything we ask of them to keep all of us safe.
  8. I am lucky to have the technology to reach quarantined students.
  9. I am lucky to have had no COVID transmission at school.
  10. I am lucky to have a district-wide positivity rate of less than 5% for the entire school year.
  11. I am lucky to have parents who kept their kids home when they needed to.
  12. I am lucky to have a team of teachers who support one another.
  13. I am lucky to be able to eat lunch every day with teachers in my wing out in the commons area.
  14. I am lucky to have a school nurse who keeps track of all things COVID.
  15. I am lucky to share books with students.
  16. I am lucky to write side by side with my students.
  17. I am one lucky teacher.


  1. Wow you are lucky. I think of myself as lucky as well for similar reasons but a different circumstance. My students and families and colleagues did all of the things you mentioned. We supported each other and did our best with what we had to deal with. And we are all still at home. WE are lucky to have resourceful, resilient, and positive humans in our lives!

  2. No need to feel anything but grateful and lucky for this list, although I tend to be wary of #9. I think it’s difficult to know definitively, and many lie and w/hold details about exposure. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope your luck continues.

  3. Looks like you are one lucky lass today and beyond!

  4. So much to be grateful for. The luck is with you. (Margaret Simon)

  5. Counting your luck is so much better than counting your misery. You are extremely lucky to have been in school with kids with so few issues. Hang in there, one day life will return to more normal.

  6. Indeed, these are many things to be grateful for! I belive that gratitude makes a huge difference.

  7. Wow! Your list stunned me. You are indeed very lucky and I am so happy for you! Yea!I love the list and wish everyone as much luck!

  8. I loved this "17" idea for Saint Patrick's Day. You are lucky for sure! :)

  9. I, too, LOVE this idea. So lucky to be in writing community with you. Wonderful list. Grateful heart for this slice and how it reminds me of my own luck this year. Thanks, Leigh Anne.

  10. You are one lucky and blessed and supported teacher. Top 'o the morning to you!

  11. It was great to read your gratitude list. I am happy for you.