Monday, March 29, 2021

Sweet Sixteen Poetry Style #SOL21


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I live in Indiana, and spring means basketball and state tournament time for us.

I have seen teachers do March Madness brackets with books, but I have never been able to wrap my brain around that large of a project. This year I have seen a few mentions of April Poetry brackets and thought I just might be able to handle the reading of poems in a Sweet Sixteen bracket. 

I put some feelers out on Twitter and had a few teachers reach out and share their resources. 

I could do this! 

I began looking in my files and books for poems I have yet to share with students and searched online for others. Yesterday, I narrowed my list down to sixteen and created my bracket.

I will share two poems a day. Students will read, analyze, and evaluate which poems should move on in the tournament until we have a winner. I am hoping to have some "heated" arguments on why certain poems are better than others and deserve students' votes.

But more importantly, I hope to introduce some amazing poems to my students. Reading poetry is always one of those things I want to do more of, and this is another chance to do just that. 

And hopefully, this will entice a few of them to write a poem of their own!


  1. What poems will you be sharing today? What a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month. I look forward to hearing more about the challenge and the poetry it inspires!

  2. What a great way to capitalize on the basketball momentum! I love this challenge and the shift of focus while maintaining the excitement.

  3. Oh, this takes me back to the years we participated in Sweet Sixteen book events. This sounds so fun. Hoping you'll share the poems with us.