Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Three "R's"

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Recharge   Refocus   Reach.

It has been ten days since my last post.  I needed to take some much needed time away from blogging.  Taking this time has given me time to recharge, refocus, and reach.


Remember when you were in college and the last three weeks of the semester the professors thought they needed to make everything due and test you in every class right before finals?

That is how I feel right now!  Something had to take the back seat and unfortunately, it was blogging.

So many activities happen at the end of the school year:  field trip, talent show, awards, presentations. It is nice to be able to start crossing off items on my list.  Each item marked off my list seems to help keep me going.  I am recharged and ready to spend these last few weeks of school making memories with my students.


I started my blog a year ago today!  I am amazed at how this decision has added so much to my life, especially my teaching life.  The connections that I have made travel well beyond the walls of my classroom and my school.  Teaching can be a lonely profession, but blogging and Twitter has made my world so much bigger.  Living in southern Indiana, I never dreamed of connecting with teachers all over the world and being a part of this community.

Look at the title of my blog - A Day in the Life...of a teacher, a reader, a writer.  I have always been a reader, but I have also grown as a reader this year.  Sharing books has opened my mind, my heart, and my world of reading.  I have become a better teacher of reading because of it.

Writing on my blog, especially the March Challenge, has literally changed my life as a writer.  It has given me confidence to share my words.  It has given me authentic writing lessons to share with my students.  I have been in the trenches - I now have mentor texts of my own to share with my students.  I have become a better teacher of writing because of it.

But I want more!

My teaching has also improved, but I have not shared much of my life as a teacher on my blog.  I want to become more reflective.  I want to share what I do in my classroom, which is just as scary (if not more!) as sharing my writing.

I am not sure if I have any new ideas, but I just want to inspire teachers to "think differently" about a teaching practice or a new way of doing something.  I want to open the doors of my classroom and let others come in, take a peek, and share ideas. 

I have been asking myself in what direction do I want my blog to go.  Do I need to make a change?  Start another blog?  What do I want to do as a reader, a writer, a teacher?

I am still refocusing, but I a clearer picture is starting to appear.   I look forward to sharing some of this as we move into summer.


This year I have accomplished things I never dreamed of doing.  
    • starting my blog
    • blogging in my classroom
    • tweeting
    • writing for Nerdy Book Club 
    • presenting PD sessions for teachers in my corporation
    • becoming a Next Chapter Book Club coordinator
    But I have things I still want to do.  I want to REACH.  

    After this break and some soul searching, I am recharged, refocused, and ready to REACH.

    I can't wait to see what year two has in store for me!


    1. What a year and what reflections! You've made me think about my own past year... past 6 months! I think you've grown more than you can possibly imagine. Your school and students are lucky!

    2. Happy Blog birthday to you! Sharing words does change the way one thinks and works with kids. So many models that we want to be like. What a journey you have started and continue.

    3. Way to go, Leigh Anne! Your three R's are just what you need to inspire you to the next step. Envisioning that there is a next step and working towards it is truly rejuvenating - so glad that you joined us for the March SOL, and that you continue every Tuesday.

    4. Happy Blogiversary Leigh Anne. I love hearing your reflection and hope you find what feels just right for you in your "reach"! Happy to see you back, too!

    5. What an exciting post! I, too, took about a week off from blogging. Sometimes you need to do that, but I also find I'm dying to get back to it when I do, for all the reasons you wrote about! So, welcome back! I'm glad you feel recharged. I can connect to many of things in this post. Keep reaching!!

    6. I love your ideas for the three R's and congrats on your blogiversary (idk how to spell that!) I just got on twitter about two months ago, and it's so great for blogging a little bit here and there! I share your passion! :-)
      BigTime Literacy

    7. Leigh Ann, a great post about your past year. How much you've learned about what you can do - just by writing. Can't wait to see where you are heading during year number 2.

    8. Keep reaching and never doubt that you have ideas, thoughts, and reflections to share about your teaching. We can all learn through sharing our experiences in the classroom. Make it happen!

    9. Keep reaching! I love this post and your journey. Keep sharing.

    10. I missed your posts last week. I always search for you, and I'm so glad you are back. I understand what you mean when something has to give on those crazy, busy weeks. The online community has completely broken down walls for me too, and I am definitely a better teacher because of it too.

      Thanks for sharing your journey and for inspiring me to "reach" for more too.


    11. I look forward to reading your reflections on your classroom and your teaching. This was my first year doing the challenge and you were one of the first blogs I signed up for on a regular basis. I enjoy your writing, your experience, and your perspective. Thank you so much for being one of my mentors- albeit remote.

    12. Happy Anniversary, Leigh Anne! I can't believe it's been a year since our paths crossed, though that crossing didn't come into focus until months later :-) I think we all come to an eventual crossroads in our blogging, wondering if we should stay on the path we've worn down or veer from it. Your reflections brought to mind the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken (one of my favorites). I look forward to reading about the path you have yet to blaze!

    13. Congratulations! You have accomplished so much in one year!! I am confident that you will reach many more milestones in the next year and beyond! Hopefully we could even meet this coming year:-)

    14. Congratulations on a year of blogging and reaching so many goals! Your thoughts about recharging are so true! I think recognizing the need to be kind to yourself will help you accomplish more in the long run. Looking forward to hearing more about your new ideas!

    15. Congratulations on a year of blogging! Quite an accomplishment! It sounds like it has been a year of huge growth for you! And I love your three R's!

    16. Happy blogging anniversary! Blogging - it does a teacher good!

    17. Happy Blog Birthday! One year can bring great changes when you dare to venture out and take risks. Reach out and fly!