Friday, April 4, 2014

Poetry Challenge #4 - Night Pilot

This is National Poetry Month.  Yesterday I tried my first riddle-ku.  I have to admit, this was so much fun!

This week we had a visitor in our school and this morning our principal had a picture of this visitor in our weekly newsletter.  When I saw the picture, I just knew I had to do this again.

A pilot by night
Sending high-pitched signals by

A bat!

Yes, these little guys were flying around in our gym.  Our principal caught them and set them free outside.

Thank you to my fellow bloggers for letting me come along for the ride on this poetry adventure.  It is much more fun when you are writing, sharing, and learning together.  
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  1. OMG! How did you get such close up pictures? Were you scared? "Pilot by night,"great line. My students are loving Laura's Riddle-Ku of the day. They totally missed it today with guesses of lightbulb and lava. They love guessing.

    1. They were taken by our principal - not ME! They creep me out. I don't know how he got that one to lay down like that. He gets his gloves, catches, them, puts them in something and takes them outside. We get them all the time.

  2. Oh my, how did your principal catch them? This is fun, & I imagine kids will love it, Leigh Anne. Happy Poetry Friday!

  3. WOW! A bat!! We've had skunks in workrooms and birds in classrooms, but no bats.
    Cool and little creepy! Got to try the haiku, just looking for what will inspire. I am enjoying connecting with this little circle of poetry bloggers!

  4. Leigh Anne,
    Love your idea for Riddle-ku. You chose the perfect words for this one. I have to admit the pictures were a bit much for me. I am not a bat fan. My husband used to work in a very old building which would have an occasional visitor. To make matters worse, he would help catch them, but them in a box and bring them out to our property. I nicknamed him Batman. "They'll help keep the mosquitos away," he would tell me hoping to convince me this was a good idea. I wasn't convinced.

    Yay! Day 4!

  5. I had shivers when I looked at the photos! :0)

  6. I had shivers when I looked at the photos! :0)