Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My March Top Five

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After concluding the March challenge, I really did not think I would have another slice in me today!  I was going to take a week off from writing, slicing, or blogging, but knowing that it is Tuesday - I just can't!

Then, inspiration in the form of fast and easy was found on Alyson Beecher's blog - Kid Lit Frenzy.  Today I have listed my top five posts for the month of March based on the number of views for each post.

#5 - Let the Testing Season Begin - An equation with differentiation and standardized testing.

#4 - My Super Heroes - Extending our school day to make up for snow days during first round of state testing.

#3 - Continuing the Dream - My training for Next Chapter Book Club - a book club for adults with disabilities.

#2 - Colby Sharp Stole My Slice - A humorous look at a tweet and email conversation.

#1 - Hello There - An idea "borrowed" from two other slicers and they told two slicers and so on... and so on...(anyone remember the Faberge Milk and Honey shampoo ad?)

This was fun to go back and see which ones made the top five.  I know this slice isn't exciting, and it was probably not technically a slice.  I don't expect any comments because it really isn't worth commenting on.  But as Elsie says, it's a new year, and I just couldn't let a Tuesday go by without slicing!

See you next week!


  1. I need to do this, too. Leigh Anne - I hardly ever go back to re-read slices, but I think it's time. You picked some great ones!

  2. I believe I remember most of those slices, :-)
    Once the Tuesday slice is in your blood, it is very difficult to step away. Glad you couldn't.

  3. I remember all but #5, & sad to say I probably skipped it because we don't do testing, so I don't read all the testing slices. But-I loved the Colby/tweet one, & was inspired by the book club one. I liked this, Leigh Anne-glad you posted "one more time"!

  4. It is hard not to slice today after doing 31 slices in a row. I was not going to post today, but I couldn't not do it. Glad you couldn't let it go either.

  5. Good idea! What good reminder to see what slices resonated with readers.

  6. I think it's hard not to continue slicing (and reading/commenting). So glad that you wrote today (and have plans to continue). It's always fun to look back at what I've written and especially the comments. The first year Michelle sliced, I published her slices and comments and have been doing it every year for her. This year I printed mine too - it's fun to reread what was written the first year I started.

  7. I was so grateful for this one more day of Slicing deceiving myself. It just never ended, did it? See you next Tuesday!

  8. Yay! I read all of those posts! I think it is fun to see which posts received the most attention. Hope it was fun for you. :-)