Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poetry Challenge #6 - In Time-out

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This month I am challenging myself to write a poem a day.  This has been one of those weeks where I am being suffocated from the demands of this profession I dearly love.  The end of the year pace seems to be going a little too quickly for me and I just can't seem to get caught up.  I know I need to take a step back (and maybe use the word "no") and try to get back to a sense of equilibrium.  I have tried to reduce my time on social media in order to do this...not easy!  So I decided to put myself in time-out.  

I have enjoyed playing with poetry this month, but today's poem was very quick and definitely a rough draft!  

Thank you to my fellow bloggers for letting me come along for the ride on this poetry playground.  It is much more fun when you are writing, sharing, and learning together. For more poetry fun, check out these blogs from Linda, Margaret, Michelle, Julianne, and Cathy.

In Time-out

I put myself
in time-out today
not enough work
too much play

Piles are high
upon my desk
students reply
what a mess

Data to analyze
tests to grade
papers to proof
plans to be made

So, no more writing
or reading too
I'm in time-out
Ive got work to do!


  1. Hee, hee! Love this. Boy I need to do this too. Some stuff isn't as fun!! I just did a little haiku today... quick but it counts right?

  2. I hope your piles are soon banished and you are free from time out. Fun poem!

  3. :) I think we are all feeling this way right now. Summer will be here soon.

  4. I imagine we could all use a little time out, Leigh Anne. You might think this is rough, but I love it. I hope you will share with your students. Bet they will love it, too!

  5. Great poem, Leigh Anne! I give you kudos for trying poetry. It's definitely ready to be shared, in my opinion! And I totally get it - feeling overwhelmed for all the stuff on my desk right now!

  6. I applaud you, Leigh Anne. If I put myself in time-out I would probably take a book to read. Hope you get done all that you would like.

  7. I love your poem! I can definitely relate to that overwhelming load that comes at the end of the year. My desk is piled high and deep.

  8. Love this, Leigh Anne! I really admire your commitment to writing a poem each day. I feel so far behind with responsibilities at work and at home that committing to blogging again each day in April was beyond me. Would like to put myself in a time out, though. If only I could just shut my office door!

  9. I can SOOOO connect to this post! But social media is so much fun.... ;-)

  10. I wish I could put myself in timeout. I can always find better things to do than work! Loved the rhythm and rhyme of this fun poem --- which makes me want to play not work. LOL