Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

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Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer and the beginning of fall.  I am leaving my favorite season and moving to my other favorite season.  Yes, I like both summer and fall equally, so that means I am happy for half of the year.   

I know that spring brings flowers and green grass and baby bunnies, and baby birds.  But, it also brings allergies and unpredictable rainy weather, which I do not like.  

I know that winter brings beautiful pictures of snow, frost and ice and the death of mosquitoes and other bugs.   But, it also brings cold temperatures, which I do not like.

Today I say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, the two best seasons of all.

Goodbye days by the pool
Hello nights by the fire

Goodbye capris
Hello sweaters

Goodbye sandals and painted toes
Hello warm fuzzy socks

Goodbye fresh fruits and vegetables
Hello steamy pots of soup

Goodbye buzzing locusts
Hello chirping crickets

Goodbye blooming flowers
Hello crunchy leaves

Goodbye dinners on the grill
Hello dinners in the crockpot

Goodbye sunsets coming through the door
Hello sunsets coming through the dining room window

Goodbye summer
Hello fall!


  1. Leigh Anne, I love the poem!! You used such beautiful images! :) Happy School Year to you too!

  2. I love that you said you're happy half the year! :-) Your poem captures your equal love for both seasons since the contrasting images are both appealing. :-)

  3. Happy School year to you! I think that I've learned about myself this morning, I too love 1/2 the year! :) I was chilly on my run this morning, and I loved every minute of it. This is a beautiful poem!

  4. Lovely - sad about the goodbyes, but happy about the hellos!

  5. I love how you structured this as a goodbye and hello. They are old friends summer and fall. And I agree with you. Summer is my favorite. But if we had it all the time, I probably wouldn't cherish it so much. And I'm with you on fall being the second favorite, although many would argue we in California don't have seasons. Tis true but I still love he eventual coolness that comes for us in late October.

  6. Love your poem. It is always hard saying "good-bye" but exciting to say "hello". Enjoy your second favorite season.

  7. Since you love both seasons there is joy in each line. I hope here will be some warm days in the fall when we can still take the socks off.

  8. I long for fuzzy socks and sweaters right now. It's just too hot and humid out there for me! (I LOVE autumn!)

  9. You've selected the gems from both seasons. I had to laugh at good-bye painted toes, because I so identified with that. I will miss the summer fruits the most.

  10. After so many sticky days that have reminded me of living in Asia, sweaters would be welcome (along with cooler weather)! Great idea to turn your thoughts into a poem!

  11. Well written! Although summer is by far my favorite. I hesitantly like fall.
    I tweeted yesterday about leaving the pool for the last time yesterday. It always makes me want to cry! I'm ready to jump start to June! Although it's supposed to be 90 degrees on Thursday and with our no a/c school building, I will take a little cooler temps!