Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reflective Teaching Challenge - What I Love Most

Starting a new grade level gives me an excellent opportunity to truly reflect on my teaching and to continue to grow.  Thank you to Teach Thought for hosting the 30 Day Blogging Challenge focused on reflection.  Find more information here on how you can join other teachers for September Refections.

September 4 - The thing that you love the most about teaching.

Asking me to name the thing I love most about teaching is like asking me what is my favorite book?  I just don't think I could answer either question with just one response.

As with most teachers, I love building the relationships and seeing the lightbulb moments.  But, since I am a reading teacher, my answer would certainly pertain to books.  My ultimate goal is always to build lifelong readers.  Matching books to my students and seeing their reading life take off is a natural high for me.  

So many students are at a disadvantage because their teachers do not read.  I am not saying that not reading makes an ineffective teacher.  However, I do think it puts students at a disadvantage because it is much easier to make those connections between readers and books when a teacher has knowledge about books.  I take pride in my reading life and sharing it with my students.  I get a thrill when I can successfully make that connection.  It makes me smile when a student comes in the next day and can't wait to tell me how their book ended, or how late they stayed up reading a book.  

That is one of the things I love most about teaching.


  1. I just love it when math and science teachers tell me "Oh, I'm not a reader." Well, I'm not a mathematician or a scientist, but does that mean I should stop doing math or thinking about things scientifically? No!

  2. I didn't realize you were doing this challenge, Leigh Anne. You will enjoy looking back at the end, I imagine. Do you really know teachers who don't read? They're missing a lot, aren't they? I think my reading informs every thing I do as a teacher, & I know you do, to. Hope your new position is working out well!