Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Burst of Spring #SOL19

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers Annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  

I really don't like spring. I like knowing that winter is almost over, and summer is on the horizon. But I truly am not a spring person.

I don't like unpredictable weather.

I don't like spring tornadic storms.

I don't like being teased by warmer temperatures one day and back down in the 30's the next day.

I certainly don't like going from 50's to 80's before school is out.

Today as I was walking in the front door, I saw one sign of spring that I do love:  the blooming of the magnolia tree.

It seems like one day it is full of buds and the next day -- it's an explosion of pom pom blooms.

Welcome Spring!


  1. Leigh Anne, spring is in the air but there has been a faint chill of winter here. Fluctuations in weather conditions are the fact for both our locations. I like how you worked your way from your I don't like state to a beautiful photo and a welcome note. Happy Spring. I wish I was feeling better to appreciate this spring day.

  2. I agree! I hate the up and down of the weather in spring!

  3. I understand not liking spring! It does seem cruel sometimes with its crazy weather. I agree about magnolias, though. I'm excited for ours to bloom!

  4. Haaa, spring in Maine is also known as MUD SEASON, so it's not the favorite of a lot of us. But you showing that magnolia tree with buds brings me hope that soon our trees and shrubs will blossom and flower and that spring will knock on the door! Here's to sunshine and blossoms!

  5. We've had a lovely run of warm weather and sunshine and spring blossoms. We get to keep two of three, but it looks like clouds and rain are on the menu for the upcoming week. I love the blooms too!

  6. Diversity in spring perspective. I think it is rather rare for people to not like spring. Reading your list makes sense though. For me the light and warmth and colors outweigh all the negative.

  7. Springtime tornadoes scare me. I never dealt with them growing up in NJ, but now tornadoes touch down not far (like 1 mile away) from where I live in PA. They SCARE me!

    There are good parts to spring, but my favorite season is autumn. (Perhaps it's too early to be talking about that transition.)

  8. The blooming of a magnolia tree is pretty awesome!

    Tornadoes are scary. And I agree, unpredictable weather is no fun either