Thursday, March 7, 2019

Throw the Confetti #SOL19

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers Annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  
This year I decided to complete my slice of life challenge through the use of quickwrites.  By doing this, I hope to explore my own writing, identify problems my students may be experiencing with these quick bursts of writing, and show them authentic revisions in the writing process.

As I got ready to do my quick write for today, I realized that yesterday's post was my 600th post! I was so caught up in the challenge, that this milestone slipped by me.

So today I celebrate, and I give you 6 ways (one for each hundred blog posts!) blogging has changed my life as a reader, a teacher, a writer.

  1. Joy. I loved writing as a child and even a teenager. But life took me in other directions, and it wasn't until six years ago when I found that joy again. I love stacking words and sharing them, but it is the personal joy of having written that keeps me going.
  2. Courage. Writing publicly has given me courage to expand my audience and my writing territories. Because of blogging, I have reached out written for Nerdy Book Club, Teach Write Chat Blog, and Choice Literacy. It takes courage to reach outside your comfort zone.
  3. Community.  Being part of a writing community such as the Slice of Life, Ruth Ayres' Celebration, Poetry Friday, and Teach Write, took my writing life to another level. Writing is very personal, and finding that community makes that personal space just a little bit bigger.
  4. Teaching. I know I am a better teacher of writing because I write. Nothing more to say.
  5. Territories. Blogging has given me new territories to explore. My blog name is a day in the life of a reader, a teacher, and a writer, and I write about all of these. Reflection is also a big part of this. Flash fiction is a new one that I want try!
  6. People. This is probably the biggest gift from blogging. Blogging has allowed me to meet so many new people, not only virtually, but in real life. When I talk about my writing friends, people question me, but I cannot imagine my writing life without them. There are too many name in this post, for fear of leaving someone out.  Because the list is so long shows you how much blogging has given my opportunities to work with some amazing people and  has expanded the four walls of my daily life. 
I hope those of you who are just staring out find these same blessings from blogging. It really has changed my world.

Let's celebrate and throw the confetti!


  1. What a celebratory post!I love it!

  2. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I like the six ways blogging has changed your life. The writing community is a great community in which to belong.

  3. Yay Confetti!! Congratulations on an amazing milestone. I’m so grateful for the Teach Write community and the Slice community in helping me grow as a teacher and a writer. Thank you for your thoughtful reflection.

  4. Exciting! Congratulations! Happy Blogging!

  5. I love this! Congratulations to you on 600 individual lessons learned, and 6 big lessons that wove throughout.

  6. Yay for 600 posts. I love that you paused and recognized and celebrated that amazing accomplishment. And your list is excellent. Spot on!

  7. Congratulations. This is indeed a milestone. Your list of positive changes makes all your efforts worthwhile!

  8. Congratulations! Hooray for so many wonderful blog posts. I love the 6 ways blogging has changed you.

  9. Congratulations, Leigh Anne! I love your six ways that writing has changed your life. I'm so glad to know you through the Teach Write group. You inspire me!

  10. Such a fantastic accomplishment, Leigh Anne! I loved this post as well!

  11. Congratulations! I was actually curious and went back to your early posts. I think I found your blog on July 2013!! Since then you have inspired me countless times with your posts and encouraged me with your comments! Keep writing. You are a change-maker!