Monday, March 25, 2019

The Hand Off #SOL19

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers Annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  

Sometimes when I read a book, I know just the student I am going to hand it off to. After reading The Skin I'm In last week, I could not wait until today.

During homeroom this morning when my student walked in, I told her, "I have a book I want you to read."

She rolled her eyes and gave me that look that said, "Yeah, right."

Did I mention that she doesn't like to read? And that she hasn't finished a book the entire year. But I'm not about to give up on her.

At the end of homeroom I made the hand off.

I took the book out of my and bag and said, "Here is the book. I really do think you will like it if you just give it a chance."

"Uhmm," she mumbled. I could tell she was trying her best to ignore me, but I pressed on.

"It is about a girl who gets teased and bullied because of how dark her skin is. She has very low esteem. She has a mirror that her dad gave her, which helps her to see herself in a different way."  She continued to roll her eyes. Because of her body language, I could tell she wasn't interested, so I knew I had to do something different. I followed up with, "Oh, and toward the end, she catches her classroom on fire."

That perked her up. I could tell she was warming up to the idea, so I left the book on her desk. When the bell rang for the next period, I looked at her desk.  Yes, the book was gone. That was a start.

I have this student the last period of the day. When she walked in, I asked her, "Did you start the book?"

"Yes, I did," she replied showing no emotion whatsoever.

"You think you're going to like?" I asked crossing my fingers.

"Maybe..." she says with a slight smile.

Yes! I love the hand off!


  1. That slight smile... just what you hoped for!

  2. That smile was a give-away. We know our students whether they like it or not.

  3. I sure hope she likes it! I can just see your smile, Leigh Anne! I often am the one rolling my eyes when I recommend picture books to my perplexed Kindergarteners in the library and they look at me like, "Yeah. I don't think so." LOL!

  4. That is the best job ever, handing off the just right book to the just right kid. Hope it reaps results.

  5. I miss getting to do this. Sometimes I can't keep myself from "handing off" books to strangers in the library or bookstore. Fingers crossed that she'll finish it. I think the slight smile is a step in the right direction.