Friday, March 29, 2019

A little help from our friends #SOL19

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers Annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge.  

Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends.

Today, I was teaching parenthetical elements using commas, dashes, and parentheses. One class was just not getting it. I showed different examples from books they were reading, and I explained it more than one way. But it just wasn't clicking.

I called my assistant principal who used to be an English teacher.

"Are you in middle of something right now?"

"I'm giving an assessment, but what do you need?"

"I'm teaching parenthetical elements, and they aren't getting it."

"I'll be right down."

I knew she would jump at the chance to get back into the classroom. When she peaked her head in the door, I said, "You want to teach this?"


"I'm just going to sit right over here and watch." I sat down on my conference stool and watched as she seamlessly transitioned from the role of administrator to teacher. She asked a few questions, wrote a few examples, and gave more explanation. There was an collective "Ohh..."

At lunch I sent her an email. 

Thank you!

I loved it!

I knew you would!

Yes, sometimes we just need a little help from our friends.


  1. You have a great relationship with your assistant principal as evidenced in this piece. I'm glad you both benefited. I also notice your willingness to be vulnerable and need a little help. Great piece!

  2. Nothing better than an administrator who is a teacher first. I love that you felt you could just call! Great slice and moment!

  3. How great to have a principal who is willing and able to jump in and teach!!! My AP does this with math, and I love watching her work with kids. She still takes two or three groups every day!

  4. That’s the kind of administrators we all need! It’s also a good reminder to ask for help when we need it.

  5. What a fantastic administrator! I'm glad she was able and willing to help!

  6. I love how you reached out for help and how your assistant principal could come down to help. That is a lovely relationship right there!

  7. This is awesome! It has made me think about the fact that my department could be doing this for and with one another all the time since our rooms are in a quad and our schedules all differ so much that we could jump in and be a lifeline for one another!

  8. How wonderful. Nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Sounds like a winning situation all around.

  9. This is amazing! Way to support each other!

  10. I loooove this! First of all, it gives me hope that those of us who leave the classroom can contribute in a valuable way, and second, that we can all band together to do the right thing for kids! You're awesome, and so is your assistant principal!

  11. Now that is an AMAZING assistant principal! I love that you are able to ask for help - that can be hard, especially when it comes to your classroom!

  12. And sometimes kids need to hear another voice, and an administrator needs to feel needed.