Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrate Turn #12

I am ever so grateful to Ruth Ayres for inviting us to share and celebrate events, big or small, from our week.

I am really late posting my celebration today.  I actually had a post ready, but this one deserves a post of its own.

I celebrate one.  

As in a hole-in-one.

As in a hole-in-one my son made today in his high school golf match.

What a day!  What a celebration!

Have a great week and may you find many celebrations along the way!


  1. Oh my, how wonderful is this! I don't blame you at all. I would change my posts too! Congratulations to your son!

  2. Getting a small ball in a small hole from so far away is a miracle to me! WOW!

  3. Holy cow! My dad played fifty years and never had a hole-in-one! I think that story is a lot more likely than your son's! Tell him congratulations!

  4. Wow! What a celebration. I have such a hard time imagining it let alone doing it. Congrats to your son.

  5. WOO HOO!!!!! That's amazing and definitely deserving of a celebration post! Great picture!!!

  6. Hurray for your son's hole-in-one. You'll have to show him all the folks celebrating his achievement with him!

  7. Wow! That's a fantastic accomplishment and definitely something to celebrate!