Friday, April 3, 2015

Graduation Haiku

April is National Poetry Month, and I am celebrating with many other bloggers by writing and sharing poetry.  Please check out the hashtag #digipoetry on Twitter - thank you Margaret Simon - to find more poems written by our blogging community. 

Today my son brought home his graduation gown and invitations.  Next week I order my daughter's.

Graduation is a time of endings and new beginnings and so many unknowns.  It is a bittersweet moment for many - both parents and students.

Time goes by so fast, but I am excited to see what lies ahead for both of my children.

Today I share a haiku I made with the free app - Vanillapen.  I have not upgraded yet, but I know this is an app with which I want to experiment and explore.


  1. Congratulations on this exciting time for your family! The haiku sums it up...beginnings and endings.

  2. Such a bittersweet time. Two at once is so so bittersweet. Thanks for sharing vanilla pen. You have done such great stuff with it. I must try.

  3. Some big truth here. It really is a bittersweet time! I want to try Vanillapen. I had never heard of it before!

  4. It is that moment for deep breaths, happy smiles, & a few quiet tears, Leigh Anne-bittersweet indeed. Enjoy these special days!

  5. Two graduations?!? So exciting but also bittersweet as you say. The poem with the photograph could be on the front of a graduation card!

    I'm so glad that you are enjoying the app ... it won't be long until you buy the full version. I think it is worth it. I'm using it all the time. Love the #digipoetry badge you created too!


  6. What an exciting time for you!
    Isn't it wonderful to know our children are in God's hands?

    Thank you again for the tweet. I don't know if I am much of poetry writer to make it a whole month! Haha!

  7. I've been thinking about this post sincec yesterday when I read it on my captured the bittersweet nature of "ending and moving on," "graduating and beginning," "finishing and starting anew." It's amazing that all this happens in the spring....the season when we are assured that life does begin anew, This is lovely. Congratulations on BOTH those graduations.