Friday, March 8, 2024

A Radio Chuckle 8/31

Have you ever done this? Have you and someone else ever looked up and pointed at something in the sky or on the ceiling that really wasn't there? You know what happens. Anyone who walks by or sees you from a distance looks up to see what you are looking at. 

This morning on my way to school, I was listening to the radio. They were talking about "Happy Dance Friday" and taking calls from listeners. 

A woman called in and talked about her foot surgery. She was happy because she actually moved her toes for the first time since her surgery in August.

"You haven't been able to move your toes since August?"

"No. You know how you can move your toes up and down and spread them apart? I was finally able to do that for the first time this week."

The radio host says while laughing, "Oh my goodness. I am sitting here moving my toes. And I bet all of our listeners are doing the same!

Guess what I was doing? Yes, moving my toes up and down and spreading them apart.

Did you get caught wiggling your toes just now?

What's making you dance on this "Happy Dance Friday"?

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  1. I did. Wiggling toes is fun, not like when someone talks about toothache or lice.

  2. I did long before I got to your ending! I am also thinking about how great that caller felt when she/he finally move their toes!

  3. I was wiggling by the third paragraph! And then I was laughing out loud by the end.

  4. Okay, Leigh Anne, you totally got me with your teaser and your description of the caller moving her toes for the FIRST TIME SINCE AUGUST! How can that be? We are all moving our toes out of gratitude, I'm sure.

  5. It is little things that make people happy. Yes, my toes were moving. arjeha

  6. Oh my gosh - yes — I started wiggling my toes as soon as you mentioned it! Wow. I am really appreciating my ability to move my toes!

  7. Great post, Leigh Ann. I broke my ankle in three places and my leg over three years ago and I still have swelling so I understand relishing the happy dance and wiggling my toes. I love how your post shares our human nature's natural response to others' suggestions.

  8. Yes, I was wiggly my toes and spreading them apart. This is a great reminder to focus on the small moments in life.

  9. Leigh Anne, I love to dance so wiggling toes is a good warm-up. Of course, we need to spread our toes in yoga. Thanks for spiriting me to dance around the house.