Wednesday, March 13, 2024

March 13th--100 Word Slice 13/31

Four years ago today, our world turned upside down. The rumors about places shutting down and events getting canceled started early in the morning. The more the day went on, the louder the buzz. 

By mid-afternoon, we were told our spring break was extended for two weeks. The kids were excited; the teachers were concerned. 

We left and never returned that school year.

I have written very little about the pandemic and want to keep it that way. But for me, March 13th is a date that will always be tethered to a memory, an end, and a different beginning.

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  1. Linda @ wherewerv.Wordpress.comMarch 13, 2024 at 8:43 PM

    I think I blocked the date out of my mind, but I remember finding out on the Thursday of our (early) spring break that we would not be returning that year. What an experience… It seems like a dream, and like it happened a hundred years ago. And then I guest teach in rooms where I can see the impact of that & the following on the students & their needs. Thanks for the reminder today.

  2. I had forgotten the date today. Maybe that's why I felt "off" all day! I remember when they announced no school the next day, I had a 4th grade student ask me, "Are we going to die?" The fear was palpable even before we really knew what was ahead of us.

  3. I remember when we heard about the first cases in the US on the west coast. In a morning meeting our principal said it wasn't a matter of if but when Corona would rear its ugly head in Pennsylvania. I wasn't sure I believed him because he was always the drama queen, and then one day it was real. :(