Friday, March 1, 2024

Wishes: A Golden Shovel 1/31

I know it is March 1st, but I can't let February go by without writing something about leap year. 

In my writing group we have a monthly writing challenge. Some months it is a daily challenge, while others may be a weekly or a one-time challenge. We have written fiction, memoirs, all types of poetry, and even riddles.

For February we chose to write a Golden Shovel but added a little twist for leap year--the line had to come from Shakespear's Sonnet 29. We called the challenge A Golden Leap. And it was definitely a leap for me! 

Here is the line I used:  Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,


I threw a penny in the fountain, wishing
for love to find me.
Instead of love, grace falls like
rain from the sky to
the ground--protecting my heart, one
beat, two beats, three times more
Showing me how rich
 I am, not in love, but in

Here's to 31 days of writing! Here's to wishing for words to find me!

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I love this writing and how you included you line.

  2. What a wonderful line of inspiration, a clever twist on the golden shovel. Love these words especially, "grace falls like
    rain from the sky"
    So beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Hope is a richness and a blessing. arjeha

  4. Grace and hope! Exactly what we need. The golden shovel dug into riches!

  5. The writing form is intriguing - thanks for sharing this. Your poem itself is so inspiring - so full of hope - and the perfect photo accompanies your beautiful thoughts. Here's to more daily grace!

  6. I love the golden shovel form. I love the last line! Beautiful poem.

  7. So happy for our yearly connection over SOL. Hope to catch more of your great writing this month!

  8. Beautiful Golden Shovel today, and it's so seamless and natural. I am fascinated by the Sonnet 29 and the poems born of this one - cousins once removed - and all the directions these must have taken. The idea of being rich in hope is one of peace and joy. When there is hope, there is all that is needed! I love the way your lines flow and culminate in such profound thought.

  9. That was a great challenge and your poem was one of my favorites created. Hang on to hope!

  10. Ah, so lovely. Such a fascinating way to use the line, I want to try it too!