Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Friday Night Donut Bust 17/31

Before I became a teacher, I was a stay-at-home mom. I loved staying home with my children and although we had to make sacrifices, I would not have changed those years for anything.

I had four years with just my daughter before we had our son. When Megan started school, I had "mom and son" time for almost six years. 

We live in a small town with a small-town donut shop--a little hole in the wall as many would say. Ethan and I would drop Megan off at school, and he and I would stop by the donut shop at least once a week. He would always get a cake donut, and I would get a yeast donut with chocolate icing and nuts. 

Every time.

On Friday nights, the donut shop would open up, and my husband would stop and get donuts to eat after our pizza that night. Sometimes, Mrs. Lancaster, "the donut lady" would have a box of donuts ready for him. Because he went every Friday, she knew what he would order. Plus, she didn't want to run the risk of running out before he got there.

On one particular Friday, my husband was off from work and took Ethan with him to pick up the donuts a little earlier than usual. When they walked in, she recognized Ethan from our morning visits. 

My husband ordered, and she looked at Ethan a little surprised. "Well, that's not what your mom usually orders," she laughed.


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  1. Fun memory! Those local donut shops are the best. There’s one near my house that opens early in the morning and only stays open til the donuts run out.

  2. Hilarious! Our routines, when broken, get noticed by others more than we realize. For good or for bad. What a happy memory for all! And now I want a donut!

  3. Love it! What a sweet trip down memory lane.

  4. Ha! This made me laugh. That’s a perfect moment and memory. I love thinking about those days I was home with my kids - I didn’t get as much time as you described - but it was still more than a lot of people get … and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I should mine some memories from that time … I think my sleep deprivation makes it harder to remember!

  5. Your writing took me straight to the donut shop and Mrs. Lancaster. So funny. Love this adorable memory.

  6. Leigh, what a wonderful narrative post. I love how you lead to your "busted" line. I think it's wonderful that you were able to stay at home with your children. What a blessing!

  7. Leigh Anne, hooray for Mrs. Lancaster and small town donut shops. Funny story!

  8. Leigh Anne, your donut story is precious and will serve as a great memory. I like the story quality of it and the characters. It is amazing how writing lets us capture moments in bite-size pieces of sweetness.