Friday, March 15, 2024

Spring Break Has Arrived! 15/31

I gave myself permission to miss slicing today. My spring break started at 1:30 this afternoon I walked out the door with my students, and my daughter and I were on the road by 2:00. We are spending the weekend with my sister down by Nashville.

We arrived, went out to eat dinner, and now are getting ready to play cards. We have a whole weekend of shopping for items to go into my daughter's new house--still a slice to come!

But I just can't not slice.

So here I am with a late-night slice and hoping I hold good cards!

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  1. I almost didn’t slice either, but happy I did anyway. Was delighted to see you as a bookend slice. Happy Spring Break!

  2. I know the "But I just can't not slice" feeling. I hope your spring break is awesome.