Sunday, March 24, 2024

Currently I'm... 21/31

Image on Pixabay

It is Saturday night. 

The house is quiet--my favorite time of day.

My spring break is just about over, and I sit here counting my blessings, and wondering what I am going to write. It seems like a "currently" post would be quite fitting.

Currently I'm...

listening to only the hum of the refrigerator.
thinking about participating in the Classroom Slice of Life Challenge.
reading Dear Student by Elly Swartz.
drinking a Dr. Pepper Zero
eating Utz Sweet BBQ chips
wondering if I should grade my students' constructed responses tomorrow.
loving watching basketball with my daughter in her new house
needing some warmer temperatures
wishing my latest book order would arrive.
hoping my mom continues to get good care at her new nursing home
leaving to go play online Euchre with my family!

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  1. I do love a Currently format! I'm saving it for a day this coming week. I hope your book order arrives soon too! I do love getting new books--and getting to live vicariously through other people's book orders!

  2. What a wonderful list. I love playing euchre, too. Yesterday I participated in a euchre tournament. I should have written about it and maybe I will later this week.

  3. Yes, I agree this is such a great format. Thanks for sharing what you are currently doing and sharing your blessings.

  4. Leigh Anne, these are all relaxing activities. Enjoy your Sunday. I would like warmer weather also.

  5. Such peace and calm for your Saturday. Love that you connect with others playing online Euchere.

  6. Waiting for a book order to arrive is a good wait. I too need warmer temperatures.

  7. Online Euchere sounds like great fun! I want to learn how to do that. I saw on FB that your books arrived. I hope things go well for your mom (and you) at her new nursing home. I gave you a shout out in my Sunday post!

  8. I like this "currently" idea and plan to use it soon. This captures your thoughts in the moment so well. I'm with you needing warmer weather. Happy reading.