Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Can you feel it? #SOL23

Last week I was looking for a book I thought I had and spent too much time searching before I realized I had borrowed it from the library. While I was looking for it though, I came across a box of writing prompt ideas called The Storymatic Rememory Cards that I forgot I had. The box has three colors of cards: one is a person, one is the season, and the third is the memory.

I decided it would be fun to try this for a slice. My cards were a brother, sister or friend; summer; and speaking in front of people. So here goes!

Several summers ago, my sister, a teacher from another county district and I planned a summer EdCamp for our county that included three school districts. We held it toward the end of our summer break, which here in Indiana is late July. 

That same summer, I had been walking to music on a YouTube video. (The absolute best way to walk!) It was 70s music, and I loved walking to its beat. One of the songs was "Can You Feel It" from the Jacksons, and it quickly became my favorite. I would find myself bebopping down the road keeping the beat with each step I took.

One night I was listening to it and thought, "What a fun theme for the conference!" It was the end of the summer when teachers were beginning to think about getting into their classrooms and may or may not be "feeling it" yet, and playing this upbeat music while we walked between sessions might add a little fun.

And it did! When I welcomed everyone that morning, we played that song, and everyone was walking around with a little extra pep in their step. We would walk by a group of teachers and ask, "Can you feel it yet?" I really do think it helped teachers get their minds focused on learning and getting back into the swing of things. 

Yes, we were feeling it, and if you listen to it, I bet you will feel it too!


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  1. I can feel it! Great uplifting post - thank you - I needed that. Off to find Rememory cards and walk to music!

  2. I love these cards! The whole collection of cards are great from this company. I think Storymatic is the first one and I have used it at home with the kids and at school!

  3. I can feel it, Leigh Anne. What fun these cards are. I'm going to try to remember a story now using your example or the one that shows on the cards. I like this idea for rememory of stories.

    1. I did think of a story using your same three words. I'll publish it tomorrow.

  4. Well I guess I have something else to add to cart. But I love how this slice unfolded from your prompt -- the energy was perfectly captured in the post as well. I hope our upcoming summer camp for Teach Write is just as full of that pep!

  5. OMG Love love LOVE this idea for prompting writing.

  6. You’ve shared lots of good ideas for writing throughout the month! Different prompts and resources. Thanks.
    Diane Anderson