Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Four Corners of My Classroom #SOL23

I'm sitting in my classroom with 15 minutes left in my prep period. I typically have my slice ready the night before. Not today.

I look around my classroom, a place that brings me great joy, and I realize I have a slice sitting right in front of me. I know several slicers have written about 4 corners or 4 items in front of them. Here are my four corners in four minutes.

Books take up my entire back wall of my classroom. Here is one corner where the book shelves sit between my "corner windows." 

This is the other side of that back wall where I have storage space. And guess what is in there? Yes, more books. But these are my student book club books and are not on the shelves.

I like to call this corner, the business center with the posted objectives, the pencil sharpener with pencils for students, my mailboxes for each period to turn in papers, the safety manual and procedures, and all monitored by our mascot, Little A (which stands for Alices--yes, a one-of-a-kind mascot!).

The last corner is my "teacher space" where I keep my pen and pencil obsession.

Just in time! Time for lunch and time to post my now-written slice!


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  1. I am really enjoying a series of slices that let me visit the spaces other writers inhabit. So thanks for taking me around your classroom. I cant help but notice the meaning and pleasure you feel about every corner. My favorite discovery is the “World’s Goodest Teacher “ mug! (And that I have some of the same favorite writing tools.)

  2. I love your book shelf corner! It is inviting!

  3. Leigh Anne, with your collection of books - you are my kind of people. I imagine if I taught down the hallway from you I’d be popping in to show you my newest book.
    Your room is a calm, organized, and inviting space. Heidi C (Wordsmithing blog)

  4. Way to repurpose favorite mugs, girlfriend! And what a wealth of pens and pencils all ready to go. I love your book corner and your book club shelves and the business center. You have a delightful space. I would be happy to land in your classroom!

  5. Of course you have to have an amazing collection of pens!! I see your favorites there! Your classroom is so inviting, and of course I want to come browse those bookshelves.