Monday, March 20, 2023

My Get-to-Do List #SOL23

I knew this day would come. It always does, but I lasted longer than I thought I would. Today is the first day I didn't have a slice ready to go the night before. I struggled last night with putting words down or even finding a moment to write about. So, I didn't write.

This morning is the first "official" day of my spring break. My son went back to where he lives (I refuse to call it home) and my husband is at work. I have the house to myself because my daughter is working out (which is what I should be doing). 

Usually breaks are a time for me to catch up on my home to-do list. You know things like cleaning--that chore that gets neglected during the school year.

Instead of focusing on my to-do list, I decided to avoid looking at the dust in the living room and the pile of school stuff on the dining room table, and the breakfast dishes in the sink and the ring around the bathtub, and I decided to create a spring break get-to-do list.

In no particular order, I get to...

  • be the last one to go to bed
  • stay in my pajamas as long as I want
  • read any book in any of my stacks
  • write in my notebook in a place that is not home
  • create collage bookmarks and mail them to friends
  • buy a new yearbook camera
  • shop for new spring clothes with my daughter 
  • go out for breakfast with my husband
  • take my son out for dinner
  • try a new recipe
  • walk in the afternoon
  • take naps
  • enjoy the small things

Yes, I am looking forward to completing my "get-to-do" list this week!


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  1. Enjoy checking things off your list!

  2. Great list! Sending good vibes that you are able to accomplish all of these things and more. Enjoy!

  3. This is full of all kinds of delicious, from staying up late to staying in your pjs to reading to naps. I love your get-to-do list. Enjoy all the moments!

  4. A “get to do list” is perfect for Spring Break. You have some great things to look forward to. Relax and enjoy!

  5. Love this perspective for Spring Break! My break is still 2 weeks away but I am putting this on my writing idea list for the beginning of my break. I hope that you get to checkoff all of the items on your list. Have fun!

  6. That sounds like a heavenly spring break, Leigh Anne! I love your "get to do" attitude!

  7. Leigh Ann, this is a self-care to-do list that you will enjoy. Have a wonderful spring break.

  8. Love your list! Enjoy your spring break!