Friday, March 31, 2023

Year Ten Complete! #SOL23

Ten years. It is hard to believe that I have completed this challenge for ten consecutive years. Each year I say it's my last, but yet I keep coming back. I often ask myself why, so with today's slice, I try to answer this question.

  1. Connection--I have met so many wonderful people throughout these ten years, some only in online spaces and others in person. People are wired for connection, and when we connect through the simple act of sharing of words...well, that's just something special.
  2. Reflection--So much of my writing is reflecting. I learn more about myself when I dig deeper for the meaning of those ordinary moments.
  3. Practice--Writing, like any skill, takes practice to see growth and improvement. Writing for 31 straight days establishes a habit that helps me become a better writer.
  4. Slowing Down--The older I get, the slower I move and the longer it takes me to accomplish tasks. But writing every day, makes me intentionally slow down to notice the world around me and to capture the small moments. It slows me down to think about the right word or different ways to stack my words, as Ruth Ayres always says. It slows me down to savor the things that mean the most.
  5. Being a role model--I believe with all my heart when writing teachers write themselves, they become better teachers of writing. When my students see me struggling with a topic or trying to find the right word or pushing publish when I think it's crappy writing, they know I am walking the walk. And that's important to me.
  6. Preserving my story--Dementia runs in my family, and getting this horrible disease is a huge fear for me. I don't want to forget memories. I want to keep my stories alive, and keeping this blog makes them permanent.
Thank you, Stacey and crew, for creating this safe place for us to meet, to share, and to grow as writers. Thank you to my Teach Write community for supporting me, celebrating with me, and holding me accountable every week during check-in. Thank you to the slicing community for reading my words and letting me know that they somehow touched you or inspired you in some small way. 

So, until next year, may we all continue to find and share the words from our lives and in our hearts.

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  1. Until next year...but there is always every Tuesday to write a great memoir story and publish. :)

  2. All such important reasons! I especially love your description of the importance of slowing down.

  3. So glad I have known you both here and in person!

  4. Ten years is an accomplishment. Congratulations! So much changes in ten years, doesn't it. We are not the same persons as we were then. I agree with you and Natasha on the importance of slowing down. The connection is highly valuable too. I love that I have met so many good people through this community. Even without meeting the people in person I have felt so much kindness and support. I am glad you are here.

  5. I love these reflection posts! We share many of the same reasons for returning year after year. I love your point here about slowing down. I do slow down and notice more in March; I am more present in my own life.

  6. Until next year for another SOLSC! March Writing Challenge but I will see you on the Tuesday Slice of Life, Leigh Anne. Your final slice holds an important truth: It slows me down to think about the right word or different ways to stack my words, as Ruth Ayres always says.