Monday, March 27, 2023

Remembrance For My Grandmother #SOL23

In my classroom, I use Linda Rief's book, The Quickwrite Handbook, to spark writing for my students. And sometimes I use them for myself. For today's slice, I use this quickwrite and share my grandmother with you.

Remembrance For My Grandmother

I remember...I was with you the first time I ate a fresh peach,
Sitting in a swing at the cabin on the river
Juice running down my chin.

And I was with you when Janis and I
spent the night at your house
so mom could surprise us
with our new bedroom furniture.

And I was with you when you taught me 
how to make homemade noodles
and apple pie and cocoa fudge
but they were never as good as yours.

And I was with you when you held 
Megan in your arms
the start of the 4th generation.

And I was with you when I made you a quilt
for Christmas
with pictures of all 18 of your grandchildren
hand-stitched with love.

And I was with you when you smiled at me
when I came to the nursing home
not knowing my name
but knowing I belonged to you.

I wish I was still with you today.


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  1. Oh, Leigh Anne, this is heartwarming and lovely. Both your poem and Lindsay's mentor poem make me want to be a better grandma. I need to write a poem about my grandmother. Your repetition of "And I was with you when" sounds like music.

  2. Beautiful tribute to your grandmother and your relationship… I loved the line about holding the next generation.

  3. Beautiful! Both your mentor poem and your own. I have to say, my favorite lines are your first and last. Remembrance of first time eating a peach, sitting by your grandmother- such a beautiful, rich image!

  4. Leigh Ann, your poem is so full of love and tender memories I am moved to tears.. Thanks for sharing the photo of your grandmother.

  5. Very heartfelt for sure. I like how you began each stanza with and which makes the last one stand out more.

  6. Absolutely heartwarming and touching and all the feels. I love your repeated line. And that final line too! My favorite image has to be
    ". . . the first time I ate a fresh peach,
    Sitting in a swing at the cabin on the river
    Juice running down my chin."
    And my Aunt Edna made cocoa fudge!

  7. This is the sweetest post. It made me want to call my grandma. I also loved your repeated line. I just love the Quickwrite book. SO good!

  8. This is so poignant. What lovely memories of a wonderful grandmother, 18 grandchildren, my goodness!

  9. This is so beautiful, Leigh Anne! I'm tearing up as I read this. Your images, your capturing the span of all those years - it is magnificent and an exquisite tribute to your grandmother. From the dripping fresh peach juice to the nursing home - wow.