Friday, March 17, 2023

I'm lucky because... #SOL23

In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, I am listing 17 reasons (in no particular order) why I am lucky. I have done this post before, and this time I wrote this post before I looked at the previous years.

I am lucky because...

  1. I'm married to my best friend of almost 33 years.
  2. I am the mother of grown children.
  3. I have a daughter who is a teacher and coach and loves what she does.
  4. I have a son who works with at-risk kids and is a great role model for a lot of boys who need him.
  5. my mother still remembers me.
  6. I have siblings who work together to make the best decisions for our mother.
  7. I get to be with middle school kids and share books with them every single day.
  8. I have the best colleagues who make me laugh.
  9. I understand the power of written words.
  10. I am surrounded by books to read.
  11. I belong to the best supportive writing group ever.
  12. I have administrators who support me as a teacher and a learner and who want me to be my best self.
  13. I am in good health.
  14. I am free to live out my faith.
  15. I am on spring break next week.
  16. bath and a book (with Dr. Teals) is next on my to-do list!
  17. I have another slice written.


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  1. #1,5,13, and 14 - - any one of those alone is enough to consider yourself the luckiest person alive. Happy SPD, and I love that you chose to be grateful and count blessings today. May you discover many more little rainbows and pots of gold on this lucky day!

  2. I love this structure! It teaches the reader so much about you! And I love #17!! BTW - If you are free at 5pm EST, come "see" me on ZOOM - Fran McCrackin and I are hosting a Slicer Workshop! Email Fran for the link.

  3. Inspired way to write today! I learned a lot about you.

  4. So I took your words from the other night and my Slice is I am lucky because... but my form is a bit different. I didn't list 17 things but the very first thing in my list is the same as your first thing. You have a few more years on my though...married for 28. Thanks for always giving my inspiration!

  5. Love this idea! Love that you are part of our writing group :)

  6. What a perfect slice for today. I had another idea, but I'm stealing yours! Sometimes you need to stop and think about all the wonderful things in your life. You sure have a lot to be thankful for!

  7. Such a perfect slice, Leigh Anne. I wish that I had though of it for today!

  8. So much to be grateful for! I love them all, but the ones about your family and health are my absolute favorites!!

  9. I love this so much! Such a powerful way to find gratitude even in the hard things in life.