Thursday, March 9, 2023

Slicing to a Deadline #SOL23

I am a yearbook staff and procrastinator of one. The clock was ticking, so here is a timeline slice about making my deadline!

Wednesday, February 1:  materials were given to me and told the deadline was March 1 (although I know I have longer than this!)

Monday, February 20:  logged in for the first time and had problems. Nothing started.

Saturday, February 25:  successfully logged in but could not upload pictures-Gave up and went to bed with nothing started yet again.

Sunday, February 26:  tried again---discovered my Google account was "paused" so the program didn't recognize me. Process began!

Wednesday, March 1:  deadline date--took the day off to complete start it. After a full day's work, sent email to our photographer (she's in charge) with five issues I couldn't fix. Everything else was done!

Thursday, March 2:  she forwarded the problems to the yearbook company.

Friday, March 3:   sent a follow up email. Didn't hear anything.

Monday, March 6:  four issues were fixed, leaving one more to finish.

Tuesday, March 7:  received the information to add color to the background--last thing to do.

Wednesday, March 8:  felt really stupid because I let technology get the better of me. 

Thursday, March 9:  should be submitted today!


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  1. Love your post and I completely get it! Certain tasks become those larger than life mental blocks that are easier to push to the side than to face front on; been there many times! Glad you got your yearbook job done; now you can enjoy the day!

  2. Oh, I have been here, maybe not as a yearbook editor and one-and-only staffer, but definitely know the feeling (am dealing with it now about another issue). Your timeline format is a great one to explore as a writer, too. (Have you ever seen the Tim Urban TED Talk about procrastination? It is so funny—and true. You might enjoy it.)

  3. It consoles me to know there are other procrastinators! You got it done in your own (and tech's) time!

  4. Not sure you qualify as a procrastinator - you did not mention anything about cleaning cupboards or organising books by colour on a bookshelf. ;)

  5. Technology is a trickster for all of us so don't call yourself stupid over it. You have not been procrastinating as evidenced by all the days you have tried to complete the task.

  6. I’m such a procrastinator too. I felt very validated by your slice. Glad you got it done!

  7. We are all too familiar with yearbook deadlines at my house. My husband was in charge of the yearbook, the class, and during COVID all school photos. The word that goes into a yearbook is intense. I've spent many a nights proofreading pages. He passed the torch last year and I must say, it's opened up a lot of time for all of us!