Thursday, March 30, 2023

Pivot #SOL23


Does this word take you back to 2020? Bring back memories? Make you shudder? 

This was the buzz word during the pandemic because it seems like every time we began to figure something out, we had to change what we were doing. Every time we became adept at juggling multiple balls in the air, we dropped one.

That was pivoting.

On Wednesday, that word came rushing to the forefront. 

We began our argumentative writing unit, and students were to begin researching. I was gone today and Friday, so I introduced the writing assignment on Wednesday, and my plans were made.

And then the Internet went out after two periods of the day. Teachers who were working online were scrambling trying to find ways to pivot.

My sub plans looked like a plate of scrambled eggs with two periods doing Wednesday's plans, four periods doing Friday's plans today, and then flipping that for tomorrow. 

All because of a slight disruption that made me pivot once again!


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  1. GAH! The best laid plans, right? And yes, 'pivot' still makes me shudder. I'm pretty sure it's code for "please do the impossible and don't expect any thanks" -sigh. I love the scrambled eggs metaphor - isn't that the truth of it? Here's hoping that on Monday you have something that's a bit more omelet than scramble...

  2. Oh my goodness, did we ever overuse that word. I can understand the shudder.

  3. Oh no! What a mess to straighten out! I did not know that the word "pivot" still makes me shudder until I read your question, but, yep, it still does. Unfortunately, the need for teachers to be pivot-able never stops!