Monday, March 6, 2023

Signs of Spring #SOL23

Journaling, or what I also call notebooking, has become a regular part of my life. I have been trying different ways to journal in different kinds of journals. At a Time to Write session with my Teach Write group, I was introduced to The Curious Nature Guide by Clare Walker Leslie.

What a gorgeous book! The book is full of invitations to lead you out into the natural world and to write about your experiences. The first pages suggest leaving the book "by your window to remind you to look outside." She further states that sometimes we find that in learning about the natural world, we learn more about ourselves. I am finding this to be true.

Saturday, I used the first prompt to "begin where you are" and look around and see what nature is doing. Today I found her yawning and stretching and showing off her signs of spring and captured this moment in an etheree poem.

of spring,
me to take note,
as the day lengthens
and life emerges from
its dormant state of mind, I
see her yawning and stretching as 
I find hope and new beginnings in
the red buds and lilies and magnolias.


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  1. I'm so glad you not only like the book, but that you tried the etheree form! A win win! Your poem has me excited for spring and for the nature journaling workshop Cathy and I will run this summer for Teach Write. Huzzah!

  2. Great book recommendation. One of the things I always like about SOLSC is reading different forms of poetry and trying them out(yesterday I tried a pantoum). I really like the last two lines of your etheree.

  3. I just love your original image of Spring yawning and stretching, as the days lengthen!

  4. Loved the spring spirit in this slice. I needed it in the snow covered world I live in right now.

  5. I love this line from your slice: "Today I found her yawning and stretching and showing off her signs of spring." What a beautiful way to describe this time of year! Also thanks for the Teach Write shout out :D

  6. Many thanks - for the lovely poem, the new poem form (new to me), the book suggestion, and the reminder of all the growth and life already here as well as yet to come. Spring does indeed need to yawn and stretch because Spring works so hard.

  7. I love this form and there's the book that I asked you about on FB. I need to see if our library has a copy. Love your poem. I miss redbuds:We had two in our yard when I was growing up.

  8. The book is available at my local library and I'm going tomorrow. Thanks for showing it and reminding me to check it out.

  9. Goodness, what a beautiful poem that fully captures the joy of springtime. And thanks for mentioning the book. Looks like the perfect Mother's Day gift for my mama (and myself)!

  10. Leigh Anne, that is a beautiful etheree poem. I tried one the other day. Thanks for sharing a bit about the book. I remember it mentioned, but I was not sure it was for me. I just purchased it on Amazon.

  11. Nature journals/writing bring me joy. I need to check this book out! I love your poem and the style. I've not heard of it, but will definitely want to learn more about it.

  12. Thank you for this recommendation. I read Wild Writing that is about writing after walking in nature and it resonated with me strongly! Thanks for the prompt too.