Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SOLSC #12 - Spring Intruder

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Last night my family was taking advantage of this beautiful spring weather.  My daughter and husband were shooting baskets in the driveway, and I was sitting on our porch reading slices.

As the birds were singing their spring serenade, I looked over and saw the magnolia buds hanging out their welcome sign.  The sunset reminded me that we have an additional hour of daylight.  All signs that spring is on its way.

All of a sudden, those thoughts of spring - that season when we impatiently wait for longer days, signs of green, and warmer temperatures - had an intruder.  

No, it wasn't the weather forecast for tomorrow that is predicting snow...AGAIN!

There was a faint sound.  So faint that I thought surely I must be hearing things.

Then it came again, a little louder this time.  

          A little closer to my ear.  
                    A little buzzing sound.

Then all of a sudden, it attacks my face and I swat at it! 


A mosquito - now dead on my porch floor - was not going to ruin my evening!


  1. Mosquitoes already??? Holy cow- where did this guy come from?

  2. Ha. You crafted this well, lulling us with the spring weather, getting us alert about the intruder and then finishing with an unexpected ending. RIP mosquito.

  3. The way this winter's been going I was sure your intruder was going to be snow - but then it wasn't. :) Mosquito? Really? Yuck! Glad you got him.

  4. Good, one less mosquito out looking for blood! I love the way you described this and led me down the path of wondering. I, too, thought it was the impending snow that was going to intrude.

  5. If your mosquitoes are coming my way today, I am sure that the blowing and freezing snow will sent them right back to you (whether you want them or not). I still can't believe, mosquito????? On the first warm day???Well written to keep us in suspense!

  6. What??!! This early? I love everything about the warm weather except for those pesky mosquitoes.

  7. No mosquitoes!! I love the line about the magnolia buds hanging out their welcome sign. What a lovely vision. Are you covered in snow today? Happy almost spring. :)

  8. I wasn't expecting a mosquito. Good for you for handling it.

  9. You had me in suspense, too. I was being lulled along thinking I knew what was to come but then swat like the mosquito itself a surprise! Well done.

  10. Your slice was very well crafted. Even the word mosquito makes me itch.

  11. I expected the spring like weather followed by the forecast of snow, but the mosquito? Never say him coming--SMACK!