Thursday, March 20, 2014

SOLSC #20 - Hello There

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Community.  We hear and believe in the word community as writers.  I am starting to learn it takes a community to get through this challenge.  So today, I am borrowing this idea from Tammy, who borrowed it from Deb who borrowed it from here:

 Originally came from this blog

I am a wife, a mother, a 4th grade teacher
I keep skinny clothes in hopes that I can get back into them
I wish I could always make a difference
I love to read
I dance - never (have never even danced with my husband!)
I sing but shouldn't
I think about ways to be better at who I am and what I do
I really wish it wasn't Thursday because that means spring break is almost over
I need to exercise
I should be thinking about next week's lesson plans
I can quilt, but don't have the time anymore
I like summer days by the pool with my daughter, my sister and a good book
I make a darn good cherry pie
I always procrastinate but get the job done

Thank you community for helping me out today!  As we head down the stretch, don't be afraid to borrow or as some would say - be inspired by "HelloThere!"


  1. This is a great way to get to know fellow bloggers! Thanks for the inspiration for another post! I also keep skinny clothes.

  2. I love this and will likely borrow it, or steal it, or use it! :)
    I love the insights you shared. I am a terrible dancer, two left feet, but have never let that stop me! Every one should sing! Some of us should just do it when we are alone.

  3. This is a great post. I know exactly how you feel at this point in the challenge. It is sometimes hard to come up with a new topic every day. I am thankful for the help I have received with some of my posts.

  4. I love yours! "I think about ways to be better at who I am and what I do" is my favorite! I think every slicer should do this we learn so much! I am glad to know you and who you are!

  5. I'd like a slice of your cherry pie. :)

  6. Love it so much I will have to use it too : ) Thanks Leigh Anne!

  7. Love this!!! I may use it too. Bummer your Spring Beak is almost over. :( Enjoy the rest of it!!!

  8. Love this and am definitely going to steal it in the next day or two - it's that time of March again!

  9. I may have to steal it too, Leigh Anne. I'm feeling a little stretched & my break isn't until the "end" of the month! I like what you said, brought you to us beautifully, like always wanting to make a difference. Most every post you write tells me that you're that way!

  10. I am definitely borrowing this one Leigh Anne. Thank you for sharing. I too am really wishing it wasn't Thursday - I am not ready for my spring break to be over.

  11. I copied the idea off Deb's pinterest page too. Sometimes a good stem is what you need to get you started. So glad to learn you will be at All Write too! What fun it will be!

  12. This is a great idea. I may borrow it, too. I enjoyed learning more about you.

  13. Leigh Anne! I knew there was some one else I read a Hello There! on. I'm going to edit my blog post right now to credit you as well for inspiration, I couldn't for the life of me remember who else I had read! All this slicing and connecting, and a girl can't keep it straight!

  14. So good to learn more about you!
    I think I need to borrow this idea!

  15. Well, I will add my name to the list of people who want to steal this idea. It is wonderful and a perfect writing activity to do with students to start the year. Sorry your spring break is over but you have certainly made a difference to mine as I have enjoyed reading your post every day! Thank you!