Sunday, March 9, 2014

SOLSC #9 - The Seed

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I am a wife, a mother, and a teacher.  

I plant seeds.

I am a gardener of love, life and learning.

This weekend I watched my "seed" make a good life decision.   

Deciding that drinking and drugs is not the best choice.  

Fitting in is a matter of personal opinion.

The Gardener

Tilling the ground

Preparing the soil 

Planting the seed

Watching it grow

Blooming...into a young adult

I am the proud gardener


  1. This is lovely! I too have a teenage seed and have watched her make some fairly questionable decisions. I fear I may have a brown thumb!

  2. It's awesome to the the hard work that you've done put into place and the love and advice and trust that you've given has yielded smart decision making. Good for both of you.

  3. How wonderful and fortunate. Beautiful.

  4. I was reading something the other day about how many moms of young children blog or write and how quickly it tapers off as your children get older. Watching your teens, your once babies, encounter these decisions must be heart wrenching and yet how proud you must be.

  5. I am so glad you are writing Leigh Anne! Kudos for being a mom who cares!

  6. Beautiful piece. You should be proud of the seed you planted, cultivated, and helpe grow.

  7. Moments like this are just to be treasured. Bravo to the kiddo and the mom.

  8. So good to hear, and love your metaphor too. It's a good one to capture on your blog!

  9. Beautiful metaphor and picture. Interesting how we take our kids to a point then it is up to them. We hope they will flourish and grow, not be stunted by bad decisions. The tending of plant is hard work. Glad yours is blooming.

  10. You must be so proud! Being a parent never gets easy, does it? Your metaphor of being a gardener is beautiful.

  11. Beautiful poem! How proud you must be!

  12. "proud gardener" - what a wonderful metaphor. I am so enjoying your "slices", Leigh Anne! And as a mother of two teenage boys, I can identify wiith the many seeds (and weeds!) we need to navigate through! Thanks for your wonderful post!