Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SOLSC #5 A Captcha Surprise

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Yesterday Michele Nero made a comment on how I wrote about "hot topics" two days in a row.  So, today's slice is a little more on the lighter side - a true slice I guess!

On Sunday we were asked to turn off the "Captcha images."  I knew what those were, but I didn't know what they were called.  I know that some are real words, others are just random letters, and some have recently been numbers.  Most of the time I do not even pay much attention to them.

Being technologically challenged, I would assume that these are totally random and mean absolutely nothing to the blogger or the commenter.   So when I clicked to publish a comment Monday night, I was totally surprised when this came up!

Now you may be asking yourself what is so surprising about this?

Vincennes is my hometown!  It is not like I live in a city like Madison or Jackson, which many states have.  Most people do not even know how to pronounce Vincennes.  What are the chances of this happening?  

So, those of you with computer brilliance - that would NOT be me - was this totally random or are the computer gods playing with my mind?


  1. I would like to let you know that hot topics are true slices too. Catching up with my reading, I scrolled back to read your previous posts that I had missed. You are bringing good variety of topics to these online conversations. I do not know the answer to your captcha question. To me the words seem random.

  2. I love unexpected surprises on the Interwebz.

  3. Wow! That's a good question. I always assumed that the words and numbers were totally random. I hope you find out the answer and let us know.

  4. I can't answer your questions, but I used to drive my daughter crazy by trying to pronounce the words that I was supposed to write. It was a mother's way to try to be funny and annoying at the same time:) I just wish everyone had numbers as they are much easier (but I don't even know how that is determined).

  5. I consider myself relatively tech literate, but have no idea to the answer. :)

  6. I don't even know if my blog asks commenters to do captcha phrases, let alone how to turn them off!

  7. I had Vincennes as a captcha before too. I had to laugh because we would drive through Vincennes on our way to his grandparents home. I'm sure they are totally random.

  8. I knew what captcha phrases were but have no idea how they are generated. Funny how your phrase was something connected to you.

  9. Hey, I agree those "hot topics" are slices too! :) But this slice is interesting too ... I wonder what the deal is with those captcha phrases. I love that Jaana tries to pronounce them!