Sunday, March 16, 2014

SOLSC #16 - Sunday Stack

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It is finally here.

I knew it was coming.

To be honest, I thought it would have been here much sooner.

I have spent the weekend in the gym watching a basketball tournament.

I did not plan ahead.

It is 6:00.

I do not have a post for today.

I borrowed this idea from Gigi McAllister at The Late Bloomer's Blog.  Thank you Gigi!

Here is my post.

I wrote here about my list of things I wanted to accomplish this week on my spring break.  Reading was at the top and the bottom of my list.  Here is a stack of books that I have here at home.  I also have a stack of new books at school that I have not even unpacked yet.  

Will I read all of them?  Probably not, but I have a great list to choose from.

Tomorrow I will be writing more on... It's Monday!  What Are You Reading?

Post accomplished!

Happy Reading!


  1. Leigh Anne, new books always bring me so much joy! If you find any books that would work for older students who struggle with reading, please let me know! I am looking for some new titles!

  2. Congratulations on getting your post in. The way I look at it, you still have five and a half hours left, so the post isn 't late. I like your stack of books. I have bags of books scattered throughout the house.

  3. I am so jealous. That looks like a fantastic stack for the top and bottom of your list.

  4. Oooh...Ophelia! Loved that book.

  5. Great list. Excited for your time and congrats on your post!

  6. Loved The False Prince and gave it to my granddaughter at Christmas (she's in 5th grade). Looks like your work is cut out for you.

  7. Love it! I just noticed that we have the same OLW, Reach! Good one right?

  8. Here it is Sunday night, and I didn't open my school book bag once. Ughh!! Guess I'm getting up early tomorrow. :) I've read a few, most recently, Doll Bones. It was a little scary, but I really liked it. When is your spring break? Enjoy!

  9. You did it! It's great to see what you are reading!