Sunday, March 23, 2014

SOLSC #23 - Colby Sharp Stole My Slice

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This story is very embarrassing but if you can't laugh at yourself, who can?

Last night on Twitter Colby Sharp tweeted about needing a retro book review.  I just happened to be working on something about Little Golden Books and I was excited about my find, so I tweeted back.  Now keep in mind, I have NEVER, EVER, NOT ONE TIME tweeted Colby.  I stand from afar and just lurk in his world which is way out of my league!   So I have no idea what made me tweet back.

Here is our "conversation" both in tweets and email and my thoughts are in green.

"I have some first edition Little Golden Books, would that work for a retro review?" Instantly regretting that I tweeted it.  

"That would be awesome!"  Thinking he meant that it might work. 

I had some questions about it, so I asked him if I could email him and he said sure.

I sent him the email explaining how I was writing a post about how some first editions fell into my lap.  They were from 1954-1959 and wasn't sure if this would work for a retro review.  After I sent the email, I went back and reread the tweet "closely."  I don't think this is what he wanted.  He was just being polite.  Now I feel stupid.  It is too late, I already pushed "send."

I didn't hear back from him, so I went to bed thinking nothing would come of it.  His email went to my SPAM, so I didn't read his reply until this morning.

Here is the email exchange just hours ago.

"I'm not 100% sure this works for a retro review, but it is very very interesting."  Does this mean yes, no?  What do I do now?  

"So what do you want me to do?"  I am eating breakfast as I write this and I feel like throwing up right about now!

"I think this would be a fun post to read, I just don't think it fits retro review on Nerdy.  Are there any older books you would like to review?  OK, I was right.  He didn't want this.  I just want to crawl in a hole and die right about now!  How do I gracefully get myself out of this situation? I have only written once for Nerdy!  Why would I think they would want this?

"Those were my concerns as well.  All of my reading as of late has been new stuff, so I had better pass on the retro review."  There, I did it.  I got myself out of this mess.  I can't believe I just had THIS conversation with Colby Sharp!

But oh no!  It doesn't end just yet!  Just when my face starts to turn back to its normal color and my stomach starts to settle...he replies BACK!

"Would you like to write a new book review?  Ok now he is starting to feel sorry for me!  How embarrassing is this!

"You are either persistent or desperate!"  or he feels sorry for me.  Does he think I am pushing for a Nerdy post?  Doesn't he see that I was trying to gracefully bow out?"

He denies being desperate and says he just wants to read my review.  Can this get any worse?

So I told him about a review of a new book that I was going to post today as my slice. We worked out the details and he replied;

"Thanks!  You're the bomb." Yeah, right! 

So my originally planned post for today was stolen by Colby and will be on The Nerdy Book Club in April!

Colby, if you do read this, now you know my real thoughts behind those emails.  Thank you for the opportunity and helping me to laugh at myself.  It all turned out OK, even though you did steal my slice for today!


  1. I'm working at school as I ready your super fun post. I'm sorry for stressing you out. I look forward to reading your review. :)

  2. Haha, Leigh Anne!! I can totally relate. Communicating via social media or online can sometimes create confusion...and lead to wondering about intent and understanding. I love the post you created here! It's so honest and funny!! :) Can't wait to read your review on Nerdy!

  3. Leigh Anne,
    I know exactly how you feel and reading your post had me on the edge of my seat! Glad you had fun with it and look forward to reading your post on the nerdy!

  4. Hi Leigh Anne! I am so excited for you! Nerdy - awesome! I could feel your pain with your post, so glad for you that it worked out so well. I am also a teacher, and I am going to be launching my own literacy website and blog. Again, congrats!

  5. Yeah - those Tweets don't allow for much elaboration or clarification, do they?

  6. You can always ask. See where being brave took you. Exciting. Looking forward to your post.

  7. It was so much fun to read what happened and to read your thoughts behind it all!

  8. Oh, the joys of connecting. LOL. Loved seeing the "behind the tweets" thoughts.


  9. Sometimes face to face is easier to read someone, isn't it? I think your imagination went wild, Leigh Anne, & will look forward to your post! Today's post is priceless!

  10. Congratulations, Leigh Anne! Looking forward to reading your review!

  11. Colby may have stolen your slice, but I think you got a replacement slice. How brave you were to tweet and then continue and worked through the whole deal. I will be looking for your Nerdy post in April. Congrats on that!

  12. Love this Leigh Anne. You REACHED and look all you got. I totally relate to your feelings. Sat right beside you at the breakfast table. Have faith this is all good. Looking forward to your Nerdy post.

  13. This is just awesome. Awesome that you are writing for Nerdy (again) and that you got a super hilarious slice out of it.

  14. I love reading this and smiling. We build our idols up but generally they are normal people. I love that you kept offering even if you were not that confident. Looking forward to your review.

  15. Leigh Anne, Colby might have stolen your slice, but I think you made it up with even funnier one! It pays to be brave!

  16. I think your thoughts summed up what a lot of us feel! It's funny how much we look up to some of these Twitter "greats"! If it makes you feel better I've filled out the form on the Nerdy website to write for them twice now and have never heard back :)

  17. I enjoy reading your conversation! Funny and so very brave! lol

  18. I loved the back and forth between what was going on in your mind and what was happening via Twitter and email. Our minds can go wild, can't they? Now, I'm anxious to read your Nerdy post. Congratulations!!

  19. Everything about this is awesome. Especially the first comment! Haha. I love how you embrace discomfort, and how it worked out happily in your favor! :)

  20. Leigh Anne - Colby is very sweet and very approachable. You don't have to be shy at all. So glad you will be posting on Nerdy. :-)