Friday, March 7, 2014

SOLSC #7 - Five Minute Friday

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Before Thanksgiving break my students and I were in the routine of "Five Minute Friday."  I copied the idea from a blog and decided to use it with my students.  I would pick a random word, and they would write whatever came to mind.  The idea behind it is to just get them to write.  I eventually let them write a word on a card, and we put them in a jar to draw from each week.

Since Christmas our schedule has been everything BUT routine, but I decided it was time to try FMF again.  Today I decided to write along with them and include it as my post for today.

When I pulled out the word, I groaned loudly.  Of course that was to really build up the suspense and it worked.  I have 21 students and 16 of them play basketball.  Guess what the word was - yep basketball!

Here is my writing for today's FMF:


balls bouncing
nets swishing
crowds cheering
whistles blowing

parents yelling
players listening
horns sounding
popcorn popping
cheerleaders flipping

teams winning
teams losing
players growing



  1. Neat poem, and so many of your students could relate! (I wonder how many times "basketball" is in the jar... hmmm!) :) Great writing idea!

  2. Live the poem and the activity! I think I am going to steal that one. :-)

  3. Fun poem, fun idea for Fridays!

  4. The rhythm of this reminded me of a basketball bouncing.

  5. FMF poetry. Clever twist to the free-write. Your words bounced perfectly.

  6. What a great idea. I love your poem, too. All those verbs definitely capture the fast pace of basketball!