Thursday, March 30, 2017

Favorites Party Round-up #sol17

I believe being a writer is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your students. ~ Stacey Shubitz

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a space for me to share my corner of the world.

My first slice for this monthly challenge was an invitation to a favorites party.  I have to say that this slice is my all-time favorite because it was interactive and was a great way to introduce ourselves to each other.  

Twenty-five slicers attended the party and each brought their own special items. However, some items appeared over and over again and become the top favorites. So here is the Favorites Party Round-up from #sol17.

6.  Food and drink.  There were so many food and drinks that I had to throw all of them together.  There were all kinds of yummy snacks and both hot and cold beverages served in special containers.

5.  Captured moments.  I was touched by the slicers who wanted to capture our time together, whether that was through a phone, an iPad, or a camera.  (I voted Terje the official photographer.)

4.  Comfort.  It became obvious that this party was a place to wind down and enjoy the moments with each other.  Everything from comfy clothes to comfy shoes and blankets to pillows was included.  (We even moved the party from my front porch to Deb's lake!)

3.  Books.  Slicers wanted to share books from their favorite authors to their favorite poems.  This goes to show that writers are also readers.

2.  Pens.  You can tell we are writers because pens, especially Ink Joy pens were popular.  This party forced me to try Ink Joy for the first time and oh my...they are wonderful!

And the top favorite item was CHOCOLATE!  Chocolate came in candy, cookies, brownies and everything in between.  We obviously know what feeds the souls of writers.

Lisa gets the kindness award for bringing the hostess a gift!  Thank you Lisa.

I hope all of you enjoyed the party as much as I did and will stop by again on Tuesdays.

Here's to a great month of slicing!


  1. Leigh Anne, I love that you combined everyone's favorites into a final blast of celebration. Somehow I missed going to Deb's lake. Wonderful! Thanks for taking this idea to a top level!

  2. I loved the party idea and every bit of the enjoyment. I say make this an annual slicer party, Leigh Anne. Let Deb open up her lake for all of us but this time let's encourage everyone to either join GHO or some sort of online F2F communication just for more fun. PJ Party time next March - What do you think?

  3. Leigh Anne - this was such a clever and fun idea, and I especially loved how you rolled them all into a fantabulous party! It would be amazing to make it happen - are any of you going to nErDcampMI?? Let's ask and have a slice-of-nerdcamp party if so!! Thanks again for inviting me to not only this party, but also for inspiring me to take part in the @SOL17 world. I am a better teacher, writer, reader, person thanks to you! (Oh, and that hostess gift, that's a product of a semi-southern upbringing—you learn not to show up empty handed. Lol!)

  4. It was so much fun to see guests join and all they would bring. Thanks for this round up!

  5. It's been fun to get to know the guests by seeing what they brought. Thank you for hosting the party, Leigh Anne! Let's do it again next year.

  6. I loved the party! Especially that it lasted so long. Each time someone joined it brought new energy and joy.

  7. The party was such a great idea!

  8. I agree with Terje being our photographer! I love how many of our ideas were the same. So now all that's left is setting a date...right...
    :) You are the best host!

  9. You threw a great party, Leigh Anne! Now, let me know when we can all get together in person. 😊

  10. Oh my. I hope there will be another lake party.

  11. Aw, Leigh Anne, I lost my invitation. I must've put it away when I was cleaning for the wedding. I love this gathering of the top favorites. Chocolate would have been on my list for sure.