Tuesday, March 14, 2017

If My House Could Talk ~ #sol17

I believe being a writer is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your students. ~ Stacey Shubitz

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for creating a space for me to share my corner of the world.

Sometimes I wonder, years from now when I have left this world, who will live in our house. Would it be the home to a young couple just starting a family, as we were when we built it?  Would young children write on its walls, sneak through the secret doors in the closets, or wheel cars down the wide, scratched, wooden-planked floors?

We built it.

We loved it.

We loved in it.

But still, I wonder what the walls would whisper, what secrets they would reveal?  If my house could talk, I hope it would say something like this...

a door opens
and welcomes you
to hear about

a family who 
appreciated the past
yet savored today

love, laughter, joy 
woven like patchwork
held them together

dinners eaten on
the antique table
marred with memories

rocking chair rhythms  
scarred the wood
but preserved forever

porch swing pastimes
cradled their dreams
embraced their tomorrows

within these walls
filled with happiness
a family grew

their cherished moments
beautifully turned into
years of love


  1. You built it?!?! That's amazing. I love to hear about your home and your family through the perspective of your house. Creative! LOVE it!

  2. That.Porch. That's where I would be the whole time. What a beautiful tribute to your family and your home.

    1. I spend a lot of time working, reading, writing, rocking, and swinging on my porches. Back porch runs across the back of the house too.

  3. LOVE that porch and your poem, Leigh Anne. Your house is a well loved home, and that's special.

  4. I'm echoing Kendra. I have a nice porch, but not as large as yours. It is wonderful! I love how you thought about the house and what it would hold for the next family. I left our home of 40 years 4 years ago, and still remember every turn and mark and step in that home, miss it still. I love my new place, love where it is especially, but the memories linger. Wonderful post, Leigh Anne.

  5. Beautiful poem, Leigh Anne! Think of all the life our homes absorb from us. I think that's one of the reason that old abandoned houses fall apart -- there is no family living in it to bring it life. I often wonder about who will live in my home after I leave it. Interesting thoughts today!

  6. This is such a delightful slice. I enjoyed touring your house and listening to it speak. I can tell your house would say, "I am more than a house, I am a home."

  7. I think of this all the time, when I pass the old home places that are falling down across this rural area! What stories they could tell. Love it!

  8. Beautiful piece of writing full of love and reflection...and a home I would love to live in. Thank you for sharing and for giving me inspiration to write about some cherished memories of our home and the boys growing up.

  9. Home sweet home.
    Wonderful slice.